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Will become increasingly unhealthy and uninhabitable. Now you and I can laugh at this and recognize it for the ridiculous theory that it is that within twelve years the planet's going to be uninhabitable. This is just as laughable as Al Gore saying by what twenty twelve the polar ice caps are going to have no ice while by twenty twelve there was record ice cover for the polar ice caps and everybody just sort of forgot about wealth, the Paul Erlich very famous clients climate, scientists called the population bomb that if humanity ever hit I believe it was six billion people that there were going to be so many food shortages that humanity would die off. Of course. Everybody remembers Newsweek in the nineteen seventies. The coming ice age you have James Hansen who is a leader in the climate hysteric move. Movement. He has been getting things remarkably wrong for thirty years now. So we can laugh at these. But people particularly millennials are taking this to heart. They really truly believe that there might not be a planet left in a decade. Even cure Ston gillibrand. She's a Senator from New York running for president. She was on CBS news this morning, and she's supposed to be a moderate. She's supposed to be a reasonable voice within the Democratic Party yet. Even she is falling victim to this hysteria. Children to be poisoned by the water. They drink or the air that they breathe the poisoned. They're going to be literally poisoned. Interestingly enough. She is. Right. That people are being poisoned by the water. They drink in democrat controlled strongholds like Flint, Michigan Milwaukee. Wisconsin is set a problem with lead in its drinking water, basically everywhere. Democrats have had control for years they've been ignoring and then lying about the severity. Of leading the water, but this has gotten so severe that on the BBC today. There were a couple of women who are leading a movement not to have children because the climate is going to be so devastating. Blyth Peppino is the founder of what's called the birth strike movement. She says she is going on strike. She is not going to give birth because of climate change Sharma is in. I kind of collapse the natural world is collapsing around us, and that's actually happening right now. And I'm so disappointed by the response by authorities to this crisis. So freaked out by it. Everything I've read. That I've I've basically last year I came to the decision. I couldn't bring a child into that. And I was asking around and people that I know put a little bit out and Facebook unveil is actually quite the people making this decision. Yeah. So he realized it was really really important to tell the public that there are people out there. So scared about this that I feel that they can't actually have a family. Listen to what she's saying they're so scared that they don't believe that they could have a family. They're terrified of what the planet is going to look like they're terrified to bring children into this world because they so buy into this hysterical pronouncement from what essentially amounts to a doomsday cult. You. Tell me what's fundamentally any different from the Democratic Party today saying we're all going to die in climate change, and the people that were putting on Nike's following the HALE Bopp comet remember that in the nineteen nineties wherever that the Heaven's Gate cult you tell me the fundamental difference here in the belief system. I'm not, of course, saying that Democrats are going to be advocate. Mass suicide, but they're already talking about. They've got people honest to God convinced that if you bring a child into the world that it'll be like Cormac McCarthy's the road. It'll be you in that kid walking along a post apocalyptic hell scape. Desperately trying to avoid cannibals in. What way is this responsible rhetoric coming from politics, and there are people who say, well, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, they don't really believe that the earth is going to end in twelve years. They're just trying to kick people like you in the butt to get them convinced that we need to spend ninety three trillion dollars on a green new deal. Riddle me this then Batman, why is Alexandria Cossio Cortez? Still being driven around in an SUV. Why was she just pictured even though she says you can't eat meat because cows far too much, and that's putting too much c co two into the atmosphere. Why is she pictured chief of staff? Having a big hamburger meal. They don't really believe this stuff. But the point is they get you scared enough, and it's clearly working with people like Blyth Peppino Alice Brown is I believe her partner, and she is one of about sixty people in the UK. They have convinced sixty people to not have children to not propagate the species. And I know you might be saying at this point. Well, if they really believe this may be for purposes, it's probably better that the gene pool is not quite so diluted. But they're honestly scared to have children. This is Alice. Brow? Stiflingly is is a struggle. I really do. I'm so depressed. I feel so hopeless over how I'm reading just in the last couple of months, even the insects numbers. Plummeting so fast now threatens the class nature that we're losing losing destroying biodiversity. So quickly that that threatens off on the UN have said that that can lead to the risk of extinction. They were going on TV to say the collapse of civilization could come from. This is so hard to really say within taking and but I have done that. And that has led to. Just a fair that I've never felt before my decision for being on strike and mostly has come from not one thing to pass out fair onto someone else. If if we're in the situation now, even since my parents had me we've destroyed sixty percent of of life on this planet. What would that be like when my child's light? So let me ten cents dots. Not just to do with being you know in nature wildlife, and these yes like, I am not such fee. Dangerous lao. Do you hear what do you hear the fear in her voice? She is honest to goodness convinced that if she brings a child into the world, it would actually be a cruelty inflicted on that child that is such warped thinking that you almost can't even fathom it, but it's being fueled. And it's being fed. Now, what did President Obama very famously say about people in red states who wouldn't vote for they were bitter Clinger's? They bitterly clean. To their guns and religion, the implication is that they're scared. They're scared of change. They're terrified of the world around them. What is this rhetoric doing other than scaring people into a very real fear of having children? And now we're starting to see it. And I'll grant you it is a tiny tiny fraction of people who are not having kids because of climate change. But you're starting to see that calculation factor into millennials actually decided whether or not to have kids. It's no longer can I afford it. It's no longer. What should our lives? Be. Like do. We want four kids. Do we want one kid? Do we want? No kids..

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