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So frank welcome to the shark right too heavy on maybe just to kick things off. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and a little bit of background to what you do. I worked for. The victorian government started to nine hundred seventy nine in the premiums department. I was in high char. The range of different strains with be recruiting alex graduate recruiting employment staffing practices discipline matters looting Records management went back to airing bring is when jeff kennett chemical public So we were looking at performance of departments against the is as planes to rod apps on the department heads performance as well as doing some public policy stuff. All right. the very first chunks of exhorted police not Of service a few things Machinery gamma giants waiting to treasury Ago i worked with in premiums asked me to come to police unaudited ena renton payroll system for a number of east in any event two thousand and one now go to ask lie on another color. If i were coming to fleet and much of that flight they said but we need somebody will be bad management south or the. Be the fun sorrow wanting to prison jogging now. Ifo truth as what it was exactly the sinai christine. Nixon standing batori police that it was a lot of reform happening me was a bit of a baptism because we just come out of a situation way two people died in the ever divisional which really say shockwaves through the in through our organization lodge really coming in static program of reform and to get out of the business of modifying vehicles a draw. Get the manufacturers. The games to work with us to develop proper police vehicles fit for purpose. Harasser transferred the risk of ass modifying vehicle onto

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