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Candy Bill. Ballot. Check speaking with Steve Young after the game and defensively what they were able to do contain the running game. They shut down the chargers the chiefs and the Rams running attacks. So they put those quarterbacks and second and long third and long tough situations to be in especially the Rams who'd like to build off their running game a lot of play action. Those naked bootlegs with Jared Goff. When you're not running the football. You can't do that stuff. So now it falls on the quarterback, and he just wasn't able to deal with this yesterday. No. And part of why the patriots recess successful stopping the running game yesterday was their first level tackling. They did not let C J Anderson get Ed steam at all they did a great job wrapping him up in the backfield. A lot of the writing plays went for a loss. And when you starting out on first down running the ball and you losing yardage. Put you in a really really tough position right off the get go so credit to the patriots defensive line and their linebackers. Did a really really good job containing the run that at times the season was their biggest weakness, and this is a terrific Rams rushing attack. And the patriots today Ed as good of a job as anybody could expect any team to do against this running attack. I do what regardless of what the Rams say. Thank Todd girlies hurt. He is. He's just I mean, right at all. Unless is he a non competitive guy because if you only get ten carries in the Super Bowl and what four touches in the NFC championship game. And you're not hurt. Wouldn't you be going up and down the sideline demanding to get in unless he's just that guy? That's not competitive, which I don't believe this is someone who last year was the offensive player of the year. Midway point of this season was a real MVP candidate got hurt at sometime in November December he sat. The last two weeks of the regular season had some time to get ready for the Cowboys. He looked good against the Cowboys. Did he tweet that knee and that Cowboys game very early against the saints because he was non a non factor against the saints. In fact, he caused the turnover deflection. Led to an interception. So he had to have something wrong with him. And if we find out in two weeks that he had something done to his knee will then that explains it, and they should be more forthcoming with us because it makes the player, look, they absolutely. It makes him look really bad. And he was a non factor is best play of the game. Get called back on a on a holding penalty that was a huge play that of us play. Because at that time. It's three three they look like they were starting to build some momentum. He picks up twelve yards. Instead the hold on. John Sullivan the center brings it back. Another ten yards. It was a twenty two yard play net negative against the LA. Rams. And they never really recovered from that they look like they were going to go in and take the lead. Yeah. They did. I mean, it would seem like only a matter of time until this offense gets going the Rams offense. And the patriots defense just did not allow it to in. That penalty was was a huge penalty. So yeah, you can look at girly and say, well, he probably wasn't right. But doesn't matter because the patriots were just all over him and C J Anderson. We know was healthy. And he wasn't able to get anything going either belch talked about that that coverage that they did against Brandin cooks in that clip. We played there that worked really well. Fortunately, they're defensive backs played at a really I level and the few times it cooks was able to escape they made some really good plays in the ball year guy. Over woods was really a non fact games double team because what they will do oftentimes is maybe they looked at woods is the bigger threat than cooks. So they doubled him. But they just felt good that deal. More could negate Brandin cooks. Now, you could look we spent one twenty one hours previewing the game last week. And there's times we just over analyze things. But maybe it's a case of last year. When cooks was here going Mano Mano, Stefan Gilmore in practice. Every day that you'll more got the better of. Him. And that Bella check watching practice figured, okay? That guy can lock that guy up. And now I can double team woulds and I've taken away two favorite targets outside of Todd Gurley. Who's not healthy? So it kind of put the Rams behind the eight ball offensively. Yeah. I mean, they didn't use their tight ends at all that they do that often. Reynolds was okay. He didn't do all. No. I mean, no one on their offense to that much sixty yards. And fifty of it came in garbage time right before zero line missed the field goal. That would have cut it to seven patriots. You're Abby giving the middle field that that Dr two hundred yards. They they they never got their offense in gear. They didn't run one play in the red zone. The patriots only ran one play in the red zone and it led to a touchdown. So it wasn't as if the Rams defense didn't show up. I mean if you went into that game. And you said the patriots going to score thirteen points. I would say while the Rams are going to be a Super Bowl to expect anybody to hold them below thirteen points. The only thing that did it all season was the Chicago Bears. That was a Sunday night game in the cold. So you could kind of say the bears have been. Atmel in Chicago better personnel than the patriots. So you'd expect the Rams to at least surpassed thirteen points. And they didn't even come close. Now. Of course is this. This was the best defensive performance in Super Bowl history. Answerable game you can make that case. I would make a case look, there's a you want to go through all the other Super Bowls. The ravens beating the giants. Thirty four seven. They get some points. There was on a kickoff return. The reason I say it how good offense the seven highest scoring team in league history. The Rams the Rams averaged thirty three points a game. They scored fifty four against the chiefs. Now, they weren't quite right down the stretch. Right. I mean, they have to this. Great start. And they kind of know Cooper de golly. They lost quite the same team down the stretch they were early and one of the things we talked about in previewing this game among nine hundred other things we talked about was the only team that had two weeks to prepare for them was Green Bay. And they did a good job against them defensively. And they don't have a good defense. They don't have a good defensive staff compared to Bill Belichick. So that was early in the week. I was like the patriots are going to win because if you have two weeks to prepare for this team, you should be able to contain it, and Sarah nita's talked about it the day after the conference championship games saying that their offense is pretty easy to prepare for and it another week. The patriots will be up to up to up to the task man were they up to the task. Holy crap. Yeah. You can't say enough about their defense. You really can't. And it was a much maligned unit for this past year because of how poor lady played in the Super Bowl and how poorly they played at times during the regular season less. So the defensive backs who just had a good year pretty much all over all unit, but you can point to. A game. Like that titans game or game. Like the Miami game where they ran roughshod over the patriots defense. I mean the running backs. Well, we talked about Brandon Bolden foreign patriot just gashing Todd Gurley. And so I think it was fair to be a little bit concerned about that. But they stepped up to the task of whether it was them just getting better as the season went on or game plan or them being extra motivated or metronome it impossible to really know definitively. But when the when the coin was tossed from the game got stirred defense was there from the first nap until the last step they competed the entire sixty minutes of that game. They never let up so legacy is impacted based on this game yesterday Bill Belichick now with his sixth title, the legacy of Sean McVay, whose only thirty three years old impacted negatively to say the least because you don't only able to put three points on the board. Here's Sean McVay after the game being very honest about. Saying he was clearly outcoached by masterbuilt. Check. Yeah. They've done a good job with that. You know, really what this stunts and different things. And then they mixed it up. They had played almost exclusively some man coverage principles and decided to take take away and really in the early down. All they ended up doing was playing some single structures in some quarters principles. And then, you know, third down the designers and things like that. But they did a great job was a great game plan. And no other way to say it. But I I got our coach tonight yet, he's honest there. And again, he's only in the second year as a head coach. I think his future is very bright without question. It is. But we talked about this yesterday. We were going down teams whose future looked bright. Okay. This team they're going to get back. There. Didn't we ran down a whole list of teams that we just assumed were would be back in to get back from the NFC because it generally is a deeper conference and what the patriots have done. This really shows. How incredible is going to nine Super Bowls in eighteen years. He also said something about how he does. Now anyone gets over these losses and. He doesn't think he's ever going to get over his loss. No because it's an opportunity. Of course, does that hurt his future? Does that make him not get back to the Super Bowl because he just thinks about this all the time? I gotta learn from it. He said the same thing. Oh, yeah. But it but Tom Brady has been able to put it behind it. But did you sets up one is I three brain say these losses atop to take when you already have. But Seattle was super forty nine. And the falcons went the same after they lost up twenty two three loss. Like disc lush McVay in the room. I wouldn't say crushes McVeigh or even because you can recover from that. But just the way their their roster structured sue's probably gone to leave specific thing we talked about all weekend long. You know, they they put all their eggs in the basket to win it this year has got to the big game. So it's not like they have all these young players. They have several talented young players, but they were all in this year. They went out and traded for Dante Fowler. They went out and they got sue into leave. And Peter's all these advanced players bill's gonna come do for Jared Goff, very soon. Right. Two more years. I think up two more years. And is it a case where Sean McVay is so confident himself who says I can move on from Jared Goff. Let me find another quarterback because it's more about me than the quarter. So no, this is not easy to recover from. Because you don't know if you're gonna go back there, Dan Marino and his second year went to a Super Bowl never win. Again. I remember eight years ago today as the biggest Aaron Rodgers fan, and he was only twenty seven at the time. He won a Super Bowl. I said they're going to run a couple of off here. They're gonna go back several Trump and the next year they fifteen and one and get upset in the divisional round. That's never been back. Let's just say talking about dinosaurs went back since two thousand ten breeze been to one wasn't been back. It's not an easy to get. You look at these lists and say, well, you know, Roger Staubach got the five Super Bowls. And now Brady's gone to nine he's gone to almost twice as many Super Bowls as the next quarterback has gone. I mean, it's just like all of this stuff is almost can't comprehend what Brady and Belle check in this organization has done more likely goes SuperBowl..

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