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The table. And when leader Pelosi said, she didn't agree with the wall. He just walked out and said we have nothing to discuss ago. He's right. They're not gonna give them anything. Why should he stick around about pointless fruitless exercise? You know? I think the Democrats are missing a big opportunity here. They got Trump where they can get anything. They want from this president right now, he wants the wall. He'll I think he'll do almost anything, and they refuse to cut a deal with them to get something that they want because they cannot be seen by their constituents to give him. It's more important. Yes. Virus the president to negotiate with him and get something. That's right. Well, if they have to give them five point seven billion. No, no. So what do you do you get sort of a deal, we want you need your wall? We would like this. Right. Give it to us. And you gotta deal, but no it's already conceded. The fact that it's not going to be concrete. It'll be steel that is a major concession Lynn major. Bigger than that. Jonathan Karl and Oval Office Jonathan Karl the ABC news White House correspondent of the president went after him. Vanson? I watch your one-sided reporting. So you think you should sign the Bill a Bill, and these John do you think I should sign it? And anyone after Carl Carl's gonna join us you want to get his story at seven forty. He should've answered do you have the the bit? Yeah. You hear it? Sided reporting. We don't have the law. We'll get the long version, but we'll get it. I love Carl there. He is. He's ten Asia's there. He is. Anyway, I think Trump kinda respects them much more than a Kosta. Oh, absolutely clown from CNN Carl. So what was the question Carl ask you just sign Bill fund the government and get the ball later sign sign a Bill fund the government? I will get the wall layer. And the president said seriously, John, do you think I should sign and John Carr refused? But I saw on Twitter this morning Johnson. That's what my job as well. That's not my job to tell the president whether or not to sign. Wow. Wow. What would you do if you were in my position, he's yelling at Carl? And then in the middle of it. He said, I watch your one-sided reporting. I think John's can have a few choice things to say he will be with us at seven forty. So you wanna stick around for that? All right when we come back once again, the police are being criticized for doing their job, which is protecting us from bad guys. You're not gonna believe what the anti police. Progressives are up to Nowlin plus your chance to win a thousand bucks is coming up at eight oh, five seven ten W O R. Now, let's.

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