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Looking to achieve well according to washington they say that it is crucial to bringing stability to these large paul of syria which bold not only turkey but are rock as well as they have own these forces the us backed forces of syrian kurdish militia and other four his within the region have a radic katie broadly mostly the presence of islamic state they say going forward there is needed need for stability and also to prevent the threat of remaining islamic state forces seeping across into a rock and into turkey so they see it is very much is crucial to bring stability to this this this region but beyond that i think critics and observers also say that this is part of washington's why the game plan of maintaining influence and control in at least part of syria as syria the process of bringing an end to the civil war goes forward this is very much seen as washington keeping its presence in syria given the fact that it has his ongoing rivalry with iranian forces and russia as well and why is turkey angry about the new border force well because a large part of this force will be made up of the syrian kurdish militia the uae p key now they've been key allies we've washington in defeating the islamic state in syria but according to oncro they say this militia is linked to the kurdish rebel group the pkk which has been waging a decadeslong insurgency inside turkey they see according to encore no difference between the why pg and the pkk they refer to them as terrorists and in fact the turkish president has referred to the creation of the syrian border force as a terrorism army and he pledged to eradicate it before it even gets off the ground the other one has said that they want to launch a military assault very very shortly and he wants the us to support the operation how's that going to affect things well i think that are already relations between ankara and washington over washington's support of the syrian kurdish militia has plunged bilateral ties to wreck cold blows them fat many people see this president until the current tensions and in fact the president one gave an ultimatum to washington he warned that any us forces waved the syrian kurdish militia when turkey carries out this operation the he said that they will be buried along with.

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