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Of Thea's taka in Mexico City, where they lost three nil to Club America, but Atlanta United to Ono in league play, leaving the Eastern Conference. In fact, the onliest In conference team with six points In their 1st 2 matches. They will play in grouping against New York, Red Bulls, FC Cincinnati and Columbus crew. And first up will be that Red Bulls match on July 11th. I say this somewhat tongue in cheek, but I mean, and at the same time, I did not want to play the Red Bulls first. If I had a choice, I would have rather played them Third. Maybe the heat and humidity takes a little bit of energy out of that pressing style. That the Red Bulls have always played with, but not to be. But here now an opportunity for Atlanta United facing rebels on a neutral field for the first time in the competitive match to maybe slay these demons in the regular scenes in the Atlanta United has had against the Red Bulls. Red Bulls are really stuck in a tough spot here because Chris Armas knows that they have to develop. A little bit more variety and their game plan. But this is the first time that the Red Bulls come into a season without Bradley Wright Philips Without Louise Roe bliss with number of changes and You have to do what you do best in this kind of format. You know, it's not like you're you're getting months of the season to prepare for this game with Atlanta United that he had circled on your calendar when the schedule came out. You don't get that you're coming into Ah, tournament where the best thing you can do is be disruptive is to be who the Red Bulls have been now. One big noticeable changes what we saw in the 1st 2 games this season. Where they play the 4 to 2 to its what you've seen traditionally out of the Red Bulls teams in Salzburg and in Leipzig. It's what they want to do across the board, and they haven't really had the right players to do. It didn't suit Bradley Wright Philips, and when Bradley Wright Philips scored the goals that he did for the Red Bulls, you've created a style to suit him. Ryan White is a little more malleable. The questions they're going, Toby, can you get out wide on this Red Bulls team and I think it laying the united Can. You know? We've seen them so far this season in there, 343 be able to exploit the width. And use Brooks linen to get wide down the right side. I think George Bellow is going to be healthy here, but Jake Morini shown that he can get loose down the left side as well. And we know from day one with this team that Atlanta United can hit that big switch and change the point of attack. The rebels are a very narrow team. You have to know that they're going to come in and probably up the tempo in Game one. That's going to be the game that they have circled, put forward their best effort. But Atlanta knows what's coming and I think they can take advantage of some of these new faces on the Red Bulls Well, and A lot has been made of Atlanta United all time Syria's history against Red Bulls, but let's look back at the last four competitive matches. Okay, the three nil win in the first leg of the Eastern Conference playoffs in 2018. You lose one yellow Red Bull arena, which is as good as a win. You're playing basically to get out of there without giving up a goal in 90 minutes, So you're fine with that, even though it's scored as a loss. And then last year under Frank Tabor, you really should have one in July. You have the 33 to Robert. He gave up the very legal to Bradley Wright Philips Great game, probably one of the best games of the year in the league with one nil loss against 10 10 man Red Bull last year in May, I think is one that really, really sticks in the craw of a lot of Italy, the United supporters, but Honestly going down to 10 men was probably the best thing that could have happened Red Bulls that day because it made the approach to the remainder of that match. Extremely straightforward. Tom Barlow hits him on the counter, and that's it. They can lock down the match the rest of the way. Yeah, they were better when they went down to 10 men because They were trying to do maybe too much for that team before that, and that's a question about this one. I went back and watched the match against rail Salt Lake the second match of the season for the Red Bulls, and it was a match where you expected are seldom have the possession. But you didn't expect them to have over 20 shots, and the Red Bulls on Ly have a couple of clear cut chances. Finishing the 11 draw. It was one of those games where you have two shots cleared off the line by the Red Bulls. They did really well I am rhetorical was outstanding in that match in place of Aaron Long. It's just there's still questions about who the Red Bulls are right now. Are they trying to be something different? Can they do that? You know, on a quick turnaround in this tournament format after you know, weird preseason for them where you played a couple of games, you go home. You sit for a while, They didn't get backto action really early in the process in terms of training. What are they going to do in this tournament? I think they have to lean into who they've been, because that's what how these players have been trained. It's the style that can give them the best results in this tournament. I just don't know if they have the talent to necessarily make that work anymore. These two teams have seen each other this calendar year for what it's worth. A preseason fixture down and I am G in late January, Atlanta United one that picture to one Red Bulls. That was one of the very rare goals that Atlanta United even gave up in the preseason, and it came off a pressing moment. Not a lot of give you a player to watch, though, for the Red Bulls, and it's a player in some of those moments when they turned the ball over in the press, and it's somebody that you might not know too much about Florian below. He is a player who has had awful luck with knee injuries. He's torn the A C L on both knees in the last two years, but he looked sharp early this season. Good play maker and below and Daniel Royer two very tricky players, and they don't need a whole lot of the ball. They don't need a whole lot of space to hurt you. If the Red Bulls can cause those turnovers below, and Roy were hitting on the brake can be dangerous when the drawl when we're watching the draw on June 12th I? I know this sounds crazy. The one team I really did not want to see was Cincinnati. And the only reason why I say that is For whatever reason, Cincinnati has played Atlanta United Very tough. They only have one point to show for it and three matches, but they've played Atlanta United. Very, very tough. And one of those games was earlier this year. The last Emma last match Atlanta United played when they got a goal from Yuya Cube. Oh, after going down to nil in Atlanta, United had to work very, very hard to see that match out. Mercedes Benz Stadium in front of 69,000 fans and win 21 Hyneman embark O score the goals for Atlanta United. So we've seen Atlanta United approach Cincinnati without Jos Martinez, which is something they're gonna have to do again in a non AM match on June 16th but boy I love your gun like aria, and he now is fully healthy. Remember he was working his way into fitness when Atlanta United saw him the first time, but they've also made a managerial change since Atlanta United played them in March. And with the managerial change here comes some Dutch players into the mix now for Cincinnati as well. Yeah, yeah, Tom takes over. This will be a second game when they face Atlanta United No changes to the way that they play. The team was built to play in an adult style was the right higher because you bring in. Somebody who can take over was already in motion. Look audio. You keep him for another year. There were some concerns because his loan was originally only through the end of June. That's been extended. You add CMD Jeong, Another talented player, Frank board does know pretty well. The player that we didn't see in that second match of the season. That really impressed me. In week one against the Red Bulls was Adrienne Reggaeton. Reggaeton was just all energy and really difficult for the Red Bulls to deal with. When you look at the Cincinnati attack, and look audio came in late, so he wasn't at his best..

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