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Knowledge to Malawi wear group of campaigners have won a legal battle, the puts a stop to the construction of the Mahatma Gandhi statue in blunt, the group behind the campaign is named Gandhi must fall, and they see that the Indian independence leader does not deserve honor. Because he discriminated against Africans when he lived in South Africa for twenty years, but the Malawian government says that the statue which is part of a ten million dollar deal with India to build a conference center. Atlanta must go ahead. Joined now by nice, so you're a lawyer of for the Gandhi must fall campaign nicely. Molly, wendy. Normally one. We know. Now, could you just start by telling us what the Malawian cost decided on this matter? Will we floor? Dan. To actually a temporary free selection before the for the for the invention of granted. Why has the campaign against the touch you taken on such a significance? In the country. Relational grows on. Remark that. On record. Wiki code. Deals and. Needed them to be leaving. That'll human being. One down. Well, some fictional people in Malawi. Okay. You're trying to say that this line is not fantastic. But I'll try to stick with you a little bit longer. Because of how important this story is Gandhi is revered in many parts of the world does apparently in an icon. Are you saying that Malawians don't need to celebrate Gundy? I don't think that's necessarily the argument. By my clients, say my clients that he can be thirty. But then. On icon. Do things that those icons deserve to be celebrated are gonna say, thank you very much, Mr. nicely. Sawyer was a lawyer for the Gandhi must four campaign group. It's not a fantastic line. But we needed to bring you up to speed with what was going on..

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