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We need to start this episode before Kevin Matt Margaret because everything that happened before he met her influenced how their relationship unfolded and what it looks like today the best place to start this story is the the day I was born I was born to biological parents who I believe loved me and my brother unconditionally but could not take care of us Kevin's biological family lived in and out of six street tenderloin motels sleepy on box springs mattresses or sometimes on the cold concrete slab floor are they often paid by the hour his parents say whatever they had to do to pay the motel bills including selling drugs so when we were taken away my brother and I into protective custody by social services in the end the foster care system and placed in foster care you know we we around from home to home with the idea that me and my brother would be adopted together and then we both got ambitious strain of bronchitis and Jordache died and that immediate loss loss in my birth parents loss in my brother would affect me for the rest of my days in the form of a serious detachment disorder and a severe abandonment issues until today Kevin was adopted by a couple named Deborah and Patrick Hynes until the day he met Margaret Ready says this was the best thing that ever happened to him he describes upbringing is wonderful beautiful even he went to a great school will he did wrestling and football but also theater art programs for the first time in his life he was excited about his future and then seventeen my brain just broke it just fell apart at the seams at seventeen I stood on stage archbishop you're in high school soon the sage literacy I had called bipolar and it was the same brain disease both my biological parents were diagnosed with called manic depression and their day I'm comes to pick me up and the look in her eyes when she looked into mind you could tell us she she was terrified.

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