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Mentioned dots yet. Has crofty chris. I'm sure he'll be getting ready to plug his dots championship at the end of the year. That he does commentary full. We're at forty eight seconds on mine. At least add fifty cents. That's a great now. I will have a deeply delayed reaction times two seconds. It's like fifteen seconds. Offer you ten seconds green green flag a so we we have. We have pretty much everybody pretty up. Go up by the looks of air. Bouquets should the hassle williams side by side even the pit. They get a bit of practice in tomorrow. And which mercedes is that now behind. The ferrari I think it was poultry us a again for the benefit of our listeners. Just a free technical difficulty but she's sorry so call it a random restart but it was probably one of those things like months ago. I said yeah. The state is fine to restart up today right now though we have lori extremely slowly i'm just going to for dessel alad slowly that's caught No power use currently a neutral. They guys the idea of slipstreaming q. Three oh colossians has done. Something he is. he's Machine did he send off back on again on is working fine. Control delays ladies. And i say that is someone who is paid to do it for a living. Okay so key one. We are currently trying to have nine minutes last. We have everybody on track apart from lump stroke of his reasons for onto alonzo esteban of calm. Everybody else is currently out on track. Undeclared is currently quickest by kasey. Without time he's done because the timing screens shows. But i believe he did a one seventeen. Thank nine nine. One sankey jowitt. Perfect timing took him back while shot from moment as well so the carnival.

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