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I should do things. But I didn't know. That is more than Dory saw I decided before starting to do dozen. I decide to go to university to study Buddhism. Allow. and. I like studying. What is a major was? Interesting. But after three as I found. That I was at that point, I had to make decision. I want to be a Buddhist scholar or practitioner. and. If I wanted to. I wanted to study become Pretty Scott I. It took my entire life. Yes to study. But that is not fat I wanted. So I. decided to become a monk. After thirty. Yes, I visited on John Asked to Jemele. To become his disciple, so you chose learning to Utah swimming rather than learning about the whole lotion i. Yes, yes, I've felt studying, but his mother's Carrozza studying. Let's B.'s we that cooking eds. Yes, yes, yes. And then I'm wondering how it was when you first went to university to study Buddhism. Because you've read this book, the Dhamma Book a self. You had this idea about the life of a of a Buddhist at attempt Boya, and then you went to university so I imagine that there was some quite large contrast there for you even though you enjoyed studying very much. It must have been a a bit of a difference for you. Hustle. I had.

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