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That's the sound of a spacex belkin rocket exploding during viewing on a launchpad last september sometimes space x is founder yuan musk has joked about these accidents as are you d or rapid unscheduled this assembly but there are serious reminder that new space is risky and that space entrepreneurship is still yacht more recently both spacex in is rival blue origin funded by jeff bezos have scored some important victories with their reusable rockets and several smaller companies are in a race to send robotic lenders to the new in hopes of winning a 20milliondollar competition pulpit google lunar x price on top of all that it's getting cheaper and easier to build and launched small satellites like the moon watcher next to the emergence of the whole supply chain ground a new standard for satellite design called cuba so it feels like the exploration of space is finally getting unstuck access to spaces opening up not just to nasa the potentially for everyone this is not space x and blue origin and the billionaire pacts teams in some of these are just a teams of geeks who got together it's an enabler to the future human expansion off of earth get to come no work each day and work on rocket let you know pretty awesome boom you think about uh the california gold rush lotta people wanted to go prospecting but it was the map makers that really did well first up today i want you to meet natalia bailey i think i was a strange kid at probably a little bit bailey says she grew up in oregon in a place where there wasn't a lot of light pollution you can see the stars really well and after a few nights of sleeping on our new trampoline at nee i realize that a star that was moving across this guy wasn't a plane and so i got man on the internet trying to figure out what it lies and turned that it was the international space station and so that sparked many more nighttime tampa lean and actually i started thinking a lot about aliens and how surely there must be life out there given the sheer number of of stars in high school i started getting really into math and calculus then and then i realized that i could combine aliens and maffin at into a decree i learned about called aerospace engineering.

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