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So why punch down? Exactly, I agree with that. I think you know, it's like, obviously this a little different. But when chaps wrote about Davidson's Buttle is Arianna Guerande once again offended by it. Yes. Like look up around Guerande look up. What are you doing looking down on us? Why do you care what we're saying? People making jokes. So I agree with that. I I mean, I think that Morgan Stewart should just make a joke out of it. Because if that happened to us, I would just make a joke out of it. I would be like you were singing, and we make jokes around here. I thought it was funny. I would look I I would not want to be her right now. Just just no I wouldn't from social media probably getting all the Bieber heat right now. No. I don't want Bieber. He at all now, Arianna ground is they want. I don't want heat from both of them combined. I don't want heat from anybody. So I wouldn't wanna be her. But I think she will be able to make the best out of this situation. She's in right because I think if people watch the video they will see that. It's not as bad abor. She didn't do it maliciously. No, Justin Bieber is making your seem like she makes people kill themselves. And it her intent was not that it's pretty obvious. If you up. We talked about Bandra pump rose this week because it was a great episode. Very funny. One of the only one left for the next week's finale finale, so fast. It did happen fast. We didn't even realize how many we had left, but this week's episode was hilarious, in my opinion. Because when we went away, and we went out with Sheena. She had told us that this was coming. She said, you know, she's best runs with Adam. And she was going on dates and whatnot. And she kind of preface the situation that happened on this episode without me realizing that this was going to be at. Yeah. And we got it. We saw Sheena in action, which was my favorite part of the episode. The the whole episode included like Jackson Britney and they're getting ready for her wedding with air wedding, not her wedding getting ready for their wedding and Jackson's meeting with Brittany's family. And you know, they've had some troubles in the past got to be honest. I get like not second hand embarrassment. But I. You know, I it's tense watching Jackson britney's family..

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