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I've listened to your show before you do good show. Thanks, bud. I came in on the last part of the segment of the OB J with the guy was saying, you you actually say the antics that OJ did with the king and the kitchen neck. We need OB Jay on the giants. Can we trade him and get some collateral? Some some good players in response to that. Or why no that can't happen because they gave him a huge contract. And he's also really good other than that. Though, they're not trading LBJ. They're building around him and saquon. They just gave him a gigantic contract. As big as a non quarterback contract can be. That's what LBJ got. They're building around Odell Beckham and saquon Barkley they just need the quarterback at if they get the quarterback. Then they'll be good. Frank is calling from colonie New Jersey franker up next WFAN. What's up? I can't believe what I'm what I'm hearing j. I totally. I know exactly what you're going to say. It's. JJ Donald Dewey week one against Detroit. One hundred eighty six yards passing with a pick six most teams they lose out. But the giants defense alliance you got extra draft picks from the saints and also from Detroit this year, and I'm fine with you lie manning as long as he does what he does. But the fact is giants stock is always on the jets save a lot of money to spend the mess that up on a free agent. And the fact is though the giants defense a lion. And the thing is though I'm listening to compare it with the genus winter you manning privledge Davis mentioned that gives up three turnovers. A game is ridiculous. It's getting the respect back to you. I meant that he deserved and the offense align that he needs and defensive line. It's out of control. Beckham is one of the most talented players in the NFL. I don't care if he pees like a dog or anything power people even considering feeding him for what it's insane. We're fine. Our stock is up which trade but still draft league. And we have a Lookie coach data sheet wet this year. So we find next year our division is so so just everybody wound down I hate to say wait till next year. It'll be better. And if he drafted quarterback, Hugh, I will train him because he has a PHD in the NFL. He knows the defense because you before he goes to the line was fine. Everybody stop. Thank you. Frank for the call some words of wisdom from Frank their New Jersey, I will say this. I'm not totally sure that he lies the wise play for two thousand nineteen. But I will say this. They need a veteran quarterback. And I know that seems strange to them bring in a guy who's not them with the program for fifteen years like Eli has. But you have to. Figure out if you're on a Super Bowl path. And I'm not sure the giants are despite the fact that Pat Shurmur thinks this is a playoff team now playoff teams. Don't lose to touchdown leads. And they've done that multiple times in the last couple of weeks. Jake is calling from Brooklyn, Jake, you're up next on WFAN. What's up, Jake? Hey, how you doing? I wanted to talk about Pittsburgh and their chances in the playoffs in regards to. So let's say they win next week against Cincinnati, which I think is pretty likely. What do you think the odds that Chicago comes out from under and beats Baltimore the bears? Don't play the ravens the ravens next week. Okay. Here's this is what has to happen. There. Baltimore's victory over the chargers in Los Angeles. And Pittsburgh's loss had positioned the ravens to get a rematch against rivers in the wildcard round. Thanks for the call Jake. That was a different ravens team. However, so we could be seeing exactly what we saw in that game. At Baltimore were to lose to the Browns. Harbaugh company would likely fall right out of the play offs. So again, the ravens play the Browns Browns have plenty to play for they wanna finish above five hundred eight seven seven seven and one the Steelers obviously face the Bengals and they're going to win that game. A win over the Bengals ravens lost to the Browns would give Pittsburgh the four seed, and of course, a home playoff game because it would give him the AFC north title. So again much easier for the ravens ravens win in Steelers. Need win and help eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six Brian is calling from New Haven, Brian you're up next on WFAN. What's up, right? Not much man you mind, if I switch gears and go to baseball, I do you. All right, man. I'm a Yankee fan, and I'm gonna say something that's probably pretty unpopular amongst Yankee fans. I would love to get Manny Machado into town. And I just think that this is a once in a lifetime type player. Yeah. Me get laid is great. But on a day, we hope that he can be Manny Machado. So if you bring in Machado. You know, what you're gonna feel a whole right now. But then it makes into heart expendable, and we can finally get that picture that we need by moving into heart. Yeah. I don't think the Yankees are gonna trade. I mean like. Yankee fans, it's the same thing at every December coming out of the winter meetings and coming into free agency. It's the same thing. Every winter for the Yankee fans, they want a total makeover. But that's what happens with the Yankees won. The you don't win the World Series. That's how the Yankees are judged World Series or bust. You do not need to trade and do har-. You've added James Paxton do. I think they're going to add Manny Machado. I do. I do. But that doesn't mean you have to trade off all the young talent. James Paxton was a good deal Paul's calling from Forest Hills. Paul you're up next WFAN? Jay, how are you? Good. Thanks for calling. But I'm gonna be honest here. I'm a nervous jets fan. And I'll tell you why it's been very quiet on the Todd Bowles drunk, and I know the jets have been playing hard and they've been very competitive Donaldson playing very well. I just wanna make sure they fire him. In addition to going the canyons gotta go. Also, he's got to go. He's been at four years Devon Smith Christian hackenberg, Bryce, petty. I think they have a decent core. And I think what the right management and a good offensive coordinator. Obviously new coach things can turn around real quick to them. Like, I said, I'm just a nervous jet fan. 'cause I'm I'm just scared. They're gonna screw this up. This is what I think's going to happen and thanks for the call Paul. This is what I think's going to happen. I think McCain and gets to hire this coach. But this is the last one he gets to hire. Bowls will be fired. He's going to be fired either Sunday night or Monday morning. You can lock that up. That's happening. I think mccaddon gets the chance to hire this coach. But this is the only coach he gets to hire assuming this isn't a ten to fifteen year run where you know, we're talking we're talking about whoever the coaches like it's Bill bell. Check odds are that's not happening. But I think McCain gets the higher the coach. And I think it's going to be one of these five guys Harbaugh or Riley or McCarthy. It's going to be one of those areas. It's going to be one of those guys. That's what I think Darren is calling from cinema riches down you're up next on WFAN. Hey, how's it going? I was just wondering what do you think that the giants are going to go with this year? Now, we've got Dwayne hopkinsville five beyond the board. When we we got the kid from Oregon who may come to the draft. Maybe not and we got will Greer maybe going late in the first round. And you think that they share up the offensive line? You think they go quarterback this quarterback one hundred percent quarterback? They're taking a quarterback. And it's one of those three guys don't forget the most of the teams in front of the giants or choosing in front of giants. Don't need a quarterback we've discussed this earlier. Let me bust open this standings paid. So we can go through this because we discussed this in regard to who's going to take who. The jets don't need a quarterback. They're going gonna pick in front of the giants Jacksonville does. But they have the same record is the giants right now. Oakland four and eleven. They might depends on what they want to do with car car is a big contract. But Tampa Bay doesn't need a quarterback Detroit doesn't need a quarterback. San Francisco doesn't need a quarterback. Arizona need Anita quarterback. Buffalo doesn't need a quarterback. These teams don't need quarterbacks. The giants are going to get their choice of one of those three guys. And know, I'm not even gonna have to trade up to get him. Hubbard or Greer or Haskins? That's the play for the giants. TV is calling from Whitestone New York, Steve you're up next on WFAN. How you doing my man? Look, welcome to the show. Thanks, buddy. I think I heard you before me do a good job, man. Thank you. Anyway. I real quick. I'm a Mets fan. I'm real excited about the most brody's been making. I just wondering what you think. And how you feel about the moves. And if you think that we're going to be a playoff team this year and one other thing, I just wanna touch something. I wonder if our previous caller said, okay, Jay from jersey. He said something about you. I wanted to tutor like I think that's totally all because that guy's a veteran, and he's not looking to to anybody's looking to win wants to play another year and when a Super Bowl, he's not looking to being a vaccine to to anybody. Stevie? You're absolutely right. This is not Kurt one or two thousand four two thousand five whatever it was. You're right. Warner was brought in to mentor Eli I'm not sure he li- wants to come back another year and on another year. To mentor, Justin Herbert or will Greer Dwayne Haskins? I just don't think that that's going to happen. Allies coming back to win. You're absolutely right Stevie, absolutely, right. Jay Berman with you a couple more segments to go here. Eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six. Mary.

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