Wayne Cashman, Bruins, ORR discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast - Ep. 167: Bill Burr


And yeah that's a release it's clearly that i didn't like something about i may be a part because that's what the age we grew up with but i like the fact that wayne cashman was still skating around in in advance stage with like a little bit of a beer bell a ready to scrap but he had to but he wants to the hall it is he'd have that how many just the love the low dreadlocks and he's clean that up you know like he was in and dan buddy yeah but that he had like that led the lab but he would by the end he was even those of the fights but he stayed on two more years and i don't know i miss like he was got back i was tough those guys i don't aaron who was sort of like i came on star watch the bruins right at the end of the the the generation past the big bad bruins right right right need to have to esposito and all of those of his talent about the or yeah when sick had just laughed it was stand jonathan terry o'reilly and now and ray bourque it just come in i see you're a tiny bit later them yeah elevate owner that i was like eighty want i like i remember orr's i remember orr's last solid year barely that was my first parents oh no beast i watch away yeah that was like for yeah yeah not all i didn't as a catcher out of it's his on televisions watching but my parents were baseball in football so i didn't get exposed to hockey you know and in the end it is a just watching an entire baseball game and you know i night i saw that notebook and he watched every single game over the summer yeah and he would keep score and and then he would save a me go back and look at him and stuff in like that was like your going to like the baseball encyclopedic it was like you know book in your baseball.

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