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In the meantime the campaign is over the work begins as Boris Johnson he'll be the next U. K. prime minister Johnson will take over for outgoing prime minister Theresa may who has struggled to deliver the brexit deal Johnson was an early proponent of brexit right now we're getting a live report from London fox news radio Simon on the morning Simon good morning is it too simple to say that Boris Johnson is the UK's version of Donald Trump somebody wants to come in and totally disrupt everything born in New York flyaway blonde and unusual way of communicating and a populist nodded against necessarily simple to say that although I'd ever with politics there is there is more to it to mean this is somebody who's been a long time politician he's taking a they have but the signs are the moment that they get home pretty well all that they have had their moments already in Boris Johnson hasn't even taken office yet they've president trump has tweeted about his appointment this morning and he said that Johnson will be great he has spoken warmly about Boris Johnson in recent days he called in a different kind of a guy but in the past there was a time when Boris Johnson as I think he was the mayor of London it at this point and president trump was criticizing police saying or some kind of security operation and London and Boris Johnson accused president trump of cheaper flying ignorance they have had that clashes already but as things stand at the moment they seem pretty case and you're right this undeniable similarities that wasn't ever really a contest between Johnson and Jeremy hunter was a foregone conclusion that Johnson would prevail well I mean can anything be called a foregone conclusion in in in international politics these days I I'd I'd argue that probably a combi but looking at the results today I mean Johnson's one with something like two thirds of the vote so it's it's a landslide waiting in this contest and when when Theresa may said that he was resigning three months ago that spot of a bit of a scramble of a contest and then I get a candidate for the stock and they made now are they gradually get narrowed down as that conservative lawmakers by them and then when he stands to that's when they handed David to that membership so at the dedication that is made by a hundred and sixty thousand members of the Conservative Party not by the country there's no general election involved on this occasion it's just and the Conservative Party members and I think you know you can narrate and kept away Jenny hunt basis points Johnson burst on the has the mole I would suggest outlandish personality Jeremy hunt it's always tough when he comes across a bit more school matinees hard to go up against somebody who has such kind of vibrant charismatic personality on the other side but I will say the Conservative Party for decades has been wrapped up in arguing about the European Union and now that the brexit referendum happen day three years ago I think whoever was gonna get have the hardest line on breaks it was probably going to win Boris Johnson and stated that mold he is pledging to take breaks out to the E. U. by the end of October with or without a double steal that stocks he's radio silent on thank you Simon thanks a lot we'll talk more about that breaking news story throughout the morning six fifteen sports.

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