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I think you need never want to blame the rest but there are some guys getting calls i don't know if it's the home environment but the nuggets had plenty of chances outside of that game there's no doubt they did and they didn't executing key moments sports brought to us by fix it twenty four seven plumbing and heating nuggets or cleaning out the lockers they lose in overtime to minnesota one twelve one oh six playoff berth was on the line timber wolves advances the eighth seed in the western conference nuggets season is over they had a chance to win it at the end of regulation there was a turnover nicola yokich was out in the corner by the three point line ball got poked away timber wolves could not win it in regulation but they did in ot nuggets head coach michael malone great for a young players hall gary nicola but other players as well and if you want to be a playoff team we won six of these games in a row will also tough tonight needed a seventh straight win nuggets of course led by yokich with thirty five points and ten rebounds still some steps forward taken by the nuggets in that core of yokich in jamal murray and gary hair is very young twenty three twenty one years old right in that range knicks will be looking for a new head coach multiple reports say jeff hornicek is done fired he or will be fired this morning rockies beat the padres six to four coors field there was a brawl in the third inning luis perdomo through behind nolan arenando who charged the mound melee ensued arnaldo herman marquez perdomo among those ejected rockies did score five in the third and got the win that they needed to take one of the three games in the series rockies now hit the road for the first of three against the nationals but nolan talked about that brawl was very happy i mean i don't know there's not much say i usually i try not to say too much what happens on the baseball field so i stick with that but you know it is what it is i didn't like it thought they had to do something and i had to do something to that's.

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