Rheumatoid Arthritis, America, Heart Disease discussed on Mark Levin



Defending liberty defending free market, commerce and capitalism is not invoke. I know socialism is invoked including with populace of every stripe count me out. Count me out. And our family we've had different forms of cancer diabetes. Heart disease. Rheumatoid arthritis. What else? You name it. You name it. And I don't want the government controlling pharmaceuticals, and I don't want the government controlling future breakthroughs God forbid. Human beings, never seem to learn human being seemed to want something for nothing. And they think things just show up when you go into grocery store pharmacy. Thanks just show up things. Don't just show up. When the whole chain. Of exploration of invention of creativity. A production of delivery transport. It's complex when it's interrupted. Politicians and government bureaucrats who think they know when they know nothing. That's when you start to destroy the advances that a free society makes. So I want you to go to true healthcare, facts dot com to healthcare facts dot com. I don't care from the last host in America. The last person in America. We'll stand by individual liberty. Capitalism. Private.

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