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Light snow in high of 20. Now. Madison. It's 25 degrees 29 in Green Bay blocking shots. 30 in Milwaukee. It's 33 degrees here, the latest news here But when you can't listen, get all the details on stories you might have missed at WTMJ calm. I'm Tony Braddock, NewsRadio, wtmj. And nothing would be college. Very good Sunday morning to you. We are going to be here for the next couple of hours of the Sunday morning edition of Wisconsin weekend morning news. Tony will be with us throughout the morning. Old piece. Can't great topic this morning in about an hour. We'll tell you about that. And just a couple of minutes, But first, let's say good morning to our producer. Isaac, Mark or Good Morning. Good morning, Libby. How are you? Well, it is Sunday, December 20th of 2020 You like that? 12 2020 20. That was very amusing to me When I was typing my information up for today to get something that you know you might want to go play a lot of remembers something. But anyway, not that I'm not that I'm recommending Camp family, But we're celebrating a couple of different days today, including mud day. And do you have any idea what that refers to My guess would be mud. No, it is because the is the birthday of Samuel Mudd. And he was the physician who set John Wilkes Booth leg. After the assassination of President Lincoln. His name is mud, but yeah, thank you. I'll get glad you put it that way. It's also and I think this is a happier thing to celebrate its national sangria Day. Okay, I can get behind that didn't drink to that. All right? And this day in history, December 20th and 16 99 Peter, the great ordered the Russian New Year be changed on September 1st two January, 1st in boy was sure happy did that cause otherwise what we do on New Year's Eve in 18 03. The Senate ratified the treaty that included the Louisiana territories from France. What they pay for it $15 million. Now that was the deal. Certainly of the millennial in 18 60, South Carolina became the first state to secede from the union. In 18 64. Confederate Forces evacuated Savannah as Union General William T. Sherman continued his march to the sea. Then in 1938 on this day, it was Vladimir Hasmah is work. Ian, who patented the ion a scope television system, and without that, you wouldn't have what you would have dizzy plus an HBO Max. What would I do with all my free time In 1946 On this day, the thank Frank Capra film. It's a wonderful life had a preview showing at the Globe Theater in New York City. That was the day before it's official. Premiere, and certainly it's become a holiday staple. Since on this day in 1954, Buick signed Jackie Gleason Toe one of the largest contracts ever entered into with an entertainer. He agreed Jackie Gleason and I don't Do You know who Jackie Gleason was? I know the name never met the man. Well, he while obviously he's been gone a long time, but the Honeymooners Certainly in the great movie the Hustler. He was one of stars of that, but he was huge on television. He's a big man, so he was huge and more with it's a long one. Big man on TV, and it was with that deal where he agreed to produce 78 half our show's over two year period for over $6 million. That would be the Honeymooners. In 1963. The Berlin Wall was opened for the first time the West Berliners, but it was only for the holiday season. They closed it again on January 6 of 1964 in 1989, General Noriega. The dictator Panama was overthrown by invasion forces led by the U. S. And it was known as operation Just Cause. Then in 1999, the Vermont Supreme Court ruled gay couples were entitled the same benefits and protections is wedded couples of the opposite sex. And then finally, in 2001, the Unite the Congress passed a $20 billion package to finance the war against terrorism in Afghanistan. And of course, that In many ways is still occurring. Well, if you were born on December, 20 if you share your birthday with his, we said earlier, Samuel Mudd. The doctor who said John Wilkes Booth leg on. Also, Harvey Firestone, who was the founder of the Firestone tire and rubber Company was born on this day, as was Bobby Colombia. Who is he? Well, he played with blood, sweat and tears swelling. Quite a few athletes were born on this day, including basketball player Dick gives hockey player Bill Clement and baseball players Oscar game. Sample and see. So Cooper also born on this day, the drummer from Kiss Peter Criss.

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