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American. the aircraft that we must I repeat we land but start using we say the Lebanese man was arrested on the island of me kiddos Thursday T. W. A. flight eight forty seven was hijacked by alleged Hezbollah terrorist in nineteen eighty five the plane was headed to San Diego the hijackers demanded the release of hundreds of Lebanese from Israeli jails the ordeal lasted seventeen days of the hijackers killed a U. S. navy diver one of the hijackers was arrested and convicted in Germany but paroled and returned to Lebanon he remains on the FBI most wanted list of terrorist along with two of the other hijackers I'm Julie Walker in breaking news and analysis at townhall dot com. the second race of NASCAR's playoffs happen tonight brightest last gas the poll for tonight's NASCAR Cup race at Richmond race way Kevin Harvick starts second followed by chase Elliott Kyle Busch and Clint Bowyer bush is a six time winner of Richmond next week's race is a Charlotte Patrick false reporting this for running back Franco Harris is scoop of the deflected pass in subsequent run for the winning touchdown in in nineteen seventy two playoff win against Oakland has been voted the greatest player in NFL history by nationwide panel of sixty eight media members they chose the immaculate reception as the top plate Dwight Clark's touchdown catch from Joe Montana lifting the San Francisco forty Niners over the Dallas Cowboys in the nineteen eighty one NFC championship we came in second..

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