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Fifteen hundred screens. What's what's a realistic number for this movie, which I think is the best of the year. So far on. He obviously when the up prize, the Cannes film festival, spiked it in the movie did I think he's got a shot at least getting nominee for an Oscar, especially now at this new category, which I think Black Panther is gonna win. Most popular film. I think black clans might be able to actually get into the Oscar race. What's it? Good number for spike thirty million forty million fifty million. Well, it depends on actually what's more closely on what is feeder expansion is going to be meters. It's to add. Usually it's something opens up very well like that except about fifteen hundred theaters. They're going to go ahead and move it into a few more theaters, especially since we're at the end of summer, there's not a lot of tentpole movies out there. So there's plenty of feeders theater space. So. I don't ten point, eight million. I mean, it's definitely do depending on how it legs out. I mean, it can do. Third into forty, maybe maybe close but fifty than maybe a bit of a stretch. But I think that thirty forty ranch and that's very, very solid, especially for these these indie flicks. That's a lot of money. You know, I think Tom Cruise is a loathsome Creighton, but apparently people tell me this latest missed and possible is one of the. My friend caps is like a top five action movie of all time. And I know it got that ever ninety seven percent tomatoes, we'll have to get Ricky and Dan to see it on my behalf. Because you know, I just can't do that but financially to do well compare the other mission impossible's. Tell me please tell me, didn't do well, like in relation to budget or something to China is not interested in Tom Cruise. And I'm sorry pretty much most interested in Tom Cruise, despite his extracurricular activities. Yeah, and I will admit it was one of my favorite movies of the summer. So that other right now I mean it. It opened the sixty one million. It's opening weekend, which was a franchise best. Yeah. I mean it's holding. It's holding on where we have Alan. It's been a real pleasure having on the podcast all the The best. best. Well, now hundred and sixty million, which is actually number six right now in the summer box office list, and it's going to climb that probably make the top five of very possibly that you mentioned that ninety seven percent run tomato school and you six minutes score, which all this means only one thing, Tom Cruise, boycott Muslim tours for many, many, many orders. Unless of course, no one of his again talked, of course, would have been death defying stunts finally does, and then start people see, you're telling me there's a chance. Then I say there's always a chance you told me there's some trivia have is this, I'm hoping this includes Dan Rick as well. But you have some trivia for us. I don't. This is a Sinophile related or somebody summer box office related. What do you have. Well, let's just say for combination about it, it's mostly related to the box office, but it hasn't been a Sinophile twist to it, I guess. All right. Well, Dana record full attention. Yeah. Yes, definitely. You need need all the help that you can get here. All right. We'll start off. I got five of them here for you right off the bat. Paul Jimani highest grossing moving and we're talking domestic here. Okay. Sideways? No, I was always been that much a Cinderella mentally made that much private parts. Ricky one of waitress, guess stands are doing correctly, which is going Ricky's cheating and actually googling money's list. I am not googling. He's not box office mode right now, but if it's too good, he was in saving private, Ryan is small environment. You're so close. It's actually, I think with inflation definitely would be number one, but his hangover part to very small role as a gangster or something in there he was ten in there was a whole doors you might, but it was. It was not a good role. He looks like inflated and this you speak of inflation. He looked inflated of the movie, the movie was off. Oh, that's disappointing to your money's capable to. Oh, that's tough. Oh, you're capable of things..

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