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Got to release some more oil man because we got a game we got an economy going like gangbusters and then we got people making more money and you're taking you know the the not you specifically but the u and opec are causing the gas prices to go up and it's eating away everything that we've given them we've we've we've provided for them this wonderful tax cut and now they're having to use the tax cut the buy gas well before long trump understands this that starts to affect the economy i don't care how much you you got tact and then what does that do what if this happens before november we go into a flip in recession because the oil prices are so high trump can't let that happen and the the only thing at his disposal there couple of things is disposal we can open up more land to be drilled he's already doing that but that's gonna take years before they can get anything and actually be pumping oil out of it so that's a that's a long term thing the only shortterm thing he can do now is is dip into the strategic oil reserve the strategic petroleum reserve and let that out and then what you know it's supply and demand you flood the market with more were more oil to be refined in a more gasoline and the price comes down doesn't matter what the opec rusher doing he's trying to get them to cooperate and not have to do that but he'll do it because the last thing he needs right now is rusty is the have an economic slowdown right before november and say then the democrats would be saying what see those tax cuts they got us into a recession when it's the flip and speculators screw stuff and that's the way it happens all i mean we get we get rocking and rolling and naturally when you get into a konami where you're rocking and rolling the oil demand we expect prices of gas to go up but it's gotta be marketdriven it can't be because the speculators then jumping in there and driving up that much more then you start to have ill effects on the economy i don't know why people can't understand this there are ways to regulate this and this will be found out with j d rockefeller wanting monopolies in carnegie wanting monopolies of steel and cornelius vanderbilt wanted monopoly on the railroad you have regulations to keep the free market free and i think at some point you're going to have to address some of these speculators out there just my thought quick time out one eight hundred six one eight phil we'll be back in two on the next man to shoot trump's tariff talk continues all the latest.

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