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A member patriot dot com slash not sam wrestling so we'll get into all all that state of wrestling is going to be a big one but we got a big interview this week speaking of the major wrestling figure podcast. We've had curt hawkins on the show before he's he's actually been in the not sam studio before which is why you know way back in the day when he was making cracks about my collection he knew it wasn't true but we've mended ended fences since then myself the major wrestling figure podcast as far as wrestling figure collecting goes. We've mended fences. Were all friends again. Dan and i've been i've been sharing with. You is some of the interviews that i did. When i was in toronto for summer slam. This is the last of the set <hes> hopefully collected them. All if you didn't go back and download 'em but zack ryder is the guest this week in is media days. Zack ryder decided to sit down and you know most of these shows most wanted immediate day. We're doing like five minute interviews not only because because there were tons of superstars there so they wanted to get as many interviews as they could but because it was the right thing to do they wanted to be able to share these superstars with fellow turn lists that were there covering this event me zag rider comes in pulled off a couple of chairs set. A camera on a tripod pulled out my recorded with one microphone. I decided to go one mike on this one after the criticism. Maybe i'll go to mike's on the next one and we just talked and the point was in my mind was to talk about wrestling and i'll tell you right now. Most of this is geek stuff and action figure talk. It is but we get into personal drama. We get into wrestling stuff for sure and it's a great conversation between myself and long island is e zack ryder the michael jordan of wrestling figure collecting <hes> you guys know wrestling figure collector by now i just got ultimate in addition series to shinsegei nakimora bret the hitman hart in the mail <hes> they're amazing. I'm unopposed on my social media but these ultimate editions that mattel putting out are just next level. <hes> i think zack ryder is also very happy with them. We don't talk about ultimate edition but we talk about a whole lot ladies and gentlemen my guest this week from from the major wrestling figure podcast is the man himself long island is e zack ryder then not sam wrestling interview. Hey guys let me just take a second.

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