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All that he was the funniest person and he was so confidently. Funny that he would. I'd say something like very dry and he would sort of dress down and say something that sounded maybe nasty but he meant it. He came from kind. Kind of like Don rickles would do came from a really like warm place but he would never say which I don't think I'll ever in my life have the confidence to do. He would never say I'm just I'm just again and you know he would just let it sit there and and if you took it I if you're insulted by it it'd be like you know that says something about you. But he was so talk. Show I wish I think of an example now but he was just a funny guy. Such a great guy warm would've loved the NRDC thing to just a really beautiful beautiful persons but Yeah but unfortunately we couldn't do it because I think it's happening again galaxy quest. I think somebody's GonNa do it. Paul Scheer was working on something. We'll see what happens. Yeah Yeah so you also met you're a Sam Rockwell on that one. We all love Sam around here. You saw. How do not to make you dance for us but you do one of the Best Sam Rockwell Impressions? I've ever I've ever heard uh-huh I couldn't possibly what's the key to a Sam Rockwell. What's the it's it's the you gotta get a face? Eighth oftentimes with expressions. You find this that I need a word like.

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