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Would pick him. I as a goalkeeper playmaker goalkeeper frank. How hard is it to play in the bitter cold in shorts well It's it's a nightmare when you come back and fly in from the from addressing room in the second half right well you can be called in the first half and you go back to get an interview warmer and then you have to go back on the field and that happened to me that i was really shaking before sending running a lot to forget about the call but yeah it's mainly mostly. The war ends to suffer more than that were legs. What do you prefer cold or halt. I prefer cold. failing called. Yeah yeah. I can't stand the hot kenniston to halt because maybe you might have no hair so i get. Maybe you sunbird very quickly and the headache. No i prefer the cold when you paint in qatar. It must be really hold. Frank yes and the first time that i train a we went to do by for the preseason and it was like nine pm and that a pack of ice in my hand because i couldn't really was already like one hundred degrees but eight nine pm and i couldn't run and you get used to it. I finished my last game. I was thirty seven years old and he was It was a final of the cup. And i play the like two hours. We have the extra time and up played in the. I was okay because you get used to it. Well i have a question. you want. Wanna quicken sharp. But why. It's frank holding icing. His hands it is. The problem was running. Don't quite understand the connection there now because it was too hot and i was putting the ice on my head because i i was i was so hard he was like. I was burning without certain contribution. Does the young make to barcelona rallies played thirty eight games in the league to assist two goals. He's not worth seventy five million euros. Well based upon that level.

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