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Barbecue sauce? Gabor's wake up. Where are we? We're in your wolf studio magical. I how are ya shit? I'm shit to piss obviously, we're recording these little in advance. But we're in the midst of some political garbage. Fine time you listen to this. We'll be living in a female lead utopia things going to be okay. Remember these days? Let's shake it off lips have little fun something silly television people that are raised by it. And let's introduce our guest, we have our friend. But it's true. Well, yeah, our our friend. She's one of the hosts of bitch says she's hilarious writer for TV which will get to Daniel Schneider excited to be here. I love TV. Hey, good. You guys are pretty cool too. Going why we were hesitant to say, our friend was here because we didn't know she liked. Know. Looked. Let's go. I'd rather be friends myself. You get that opportunity. Perfect. Friends with you. I hold my own hand while I walk around the mall. Somebody years ago who was like in therapy. And was like therapists said to squeeze your thumb it gives us an same sensation as receiving a hug, so if you're Lesch just never forgot that. I don't think I've ever done it and trying to not really work. It doesn't feel like. No. Milking big otter, really aware of the cows large and sort of taught nipple. Hold on. Now that you say nipple. No milk is going. Okay. Well, let's try again. Oh from where am I from? I grew up both in Atlanta till I was like thirteen Atlanta Georgia, and then I moved to Boca Raton, Florida thirteen been in older Jewish. Wow. That was never like a southern bell. I don't know any children that come out of Boca isn't to go to Boca, and then you go to their funerals. And that's what it was like growing up. It was like everyone's one hundred driving behind people. Like people would just have heart attacks in the movie theater. All. It wasn't shocking. I remember being in a movie at least twice as Dr. But it's just the truth of my life. So I just have to speed you do speak. It was your was your school big or small, and how was that experience? In in Atlanta. It was pretty small. It wasn't a huge until I went to middle school of Atlanta. And then it was huge because like a million feeder schools, and I got bullied in middle school in Atlanta. But it worked out because then I moved to Florida the next year. So I could sort of purpose it just sort of what were you doing? Unclear. Yes, you're fine. Five with that. I see. Can get behind. I just had a girl who was my best friend who turned on me. And just got everybody against me as so middle in that middle school horrible way. Which I think I do I am thankful for now. Just because I would I would see that behavior and other people and befriend that person because you know, like, you you become very aware of it. But yeah, it was really terrible. And what like going to high school in Boca is it like what's the scene? Like, so many so many old people. It's Florida's hottest fuck all the hot. I remember like what guys do for fun in highschool is there inside. Like one year homecoming had to be canceled because it was just like an incessant lightest outbreaks. I said, no one could go outside. -squitoes because you live in a swamp, isn't that can happen in a song. You know? So that was tough. On me is Spanish for mouth of the rat. Yes. Oh my God. You're right. Much. Steamy. He would have a mosquito outbreak in the mouth of short. The name for a city of. Oh, yeah. I'm but. Yeah. No, every it was very all over the place. Like there were definitely like the Jews. And then there was a portion that was very redneck easy. Like, so it was just like a little bit of everyone. But there's a portion of it that's very southern too. So like football was still big. You know what I mean? Even though the players were not that good that combination. Florida's weird in that. It's so Florida. And then you when you're there you get reminded that you're still in the south. Yeah. 'cause you're like, oh, it's like vacation town. And then you like, oh, wait, this were still below the Mason Dixon, and there's still some some redneck territory somewhere. It's like your basic high school..

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