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Wetness had begun today we were three, hundred, five, Colt three on six with flat on the day. Take Up. Yesterday was up. Yesterday was at one point four, three percent. Exit as kicked off rod up straddle lights up one already yesterday I was up two point three percent after having a big with Dan a good number of percent at one style market did get a little bit. Hey how you doing but a comeback Free Hod and foster quite an interesting day actually regards to the dynamic of the market it. It did go big dig a bit funny were twenty, nine point seven cents their own on except payroll. Now looking for sing by stop through that thirty Sedmak, Dan. Really. Light Outta here thirty cent. No longer I'm heading towards seventeen dollars. That's of course, a junk. Bitcoin. Cash yesterday it was pretty much flat up point on the percent not much threaten toodle forty five. Three hundred agents still. Pretty flat right now that speaking of flight three, hundred, nine, ID, there is actually I am a flat level, the if I can get any trades off of that rage but done not too much action packed. On bitcoin cash right now lot coin yesterday closed up two point three percent. It's It's looking at it cooled off a bit like bitcoin off we brought yesterday's does Luke Mobile, issue, miles, but law coin. Condition Crazy things. It's a pass has been around for very long time and keeping an eye on that. Yes. Is said two point three, percent outward fifty, eight dollars and fifty cents dot. Now some might say that is very valued. BITCOIN had a pretty slow day you know put for what had banned the past one of the most volatile markets. We close up point six percent to twenty, five, thirty, four, web the nothing trading. Today Cow Donna fourteen point three cents right now down point one so damn one percent yesterday consolidating around fourteen point six nothing too much value for me at the mum on Cow Donham unless it comes back up into that fourteen point six region and solidifies that flat level of Buffa may it's not neither watchlist today?.

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