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Games islanders lose to the hurricanes three to two Rangers host the devils tonight fair skies and forty seven degrees on this Saturday March seventh good afternoon I'm John Metaxas just headline this is WCBS newsradio eight it's six o'clock B. C. B. S. news on the hour sponsored by dell small business I'm Sam Litzinger passengers trapped aboard a U. S. cruise ship stranded by corona virus outbreak are getting anxious as the vessel idols off the coast of San Francisco with little news on when they'll be allowed to disembark twenty one people on board the ship of tested positive for the virus nineteen crew members to passengers Connecticut public health commissioner Dr Renee Coleman Mitchell has some advice for us no touching no touching with your nose your mouth your ice I asked the people from now on to the elbow bump not even the fist bump the album South Carolina epidemiologist Linda bell there is no reason to alter your daily routines other than to continue to be vigilant about keeping germs from spreading by covering coughs and sneezes washing hands frequently with warm soap and water and staying home when sick Washington DC is now reporting its first apparent coronavirus case moves were dozens of health screeners and other employees at Los Angeles International Airport in order to self quarantine after two colleagues tested positive the two screeners were checking passengers arriving at LA acts on the international flights into the U. S. democratic presidential contenders Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are focusing on Tuesday contests in several states CBS news correspondent call Killian says three hundred and fifty two delegates are at stake there will be six states voting at including at Michigan and Michigan really is the state that everyone is watching for obvious reasons it's a critical battleground but more significantly for Bernie Sanders is the state he narrowly won in twenty sixteen hundred and twenty five delegates in Michigan alone BBC news correspondent Frank Gardner says there's word to members of the Saudi royal family been arrested after plotting to overthrow king Solomon and his son crown prince Mohammed bin Salman if confirmed this would be a significant move by Saudi Arabia's powerful crown prince Muhammad bin Salman to consolidate his position comes up in a blouse he's one of the senior princes reportedly detained is one of the last surviving sons of the country's founder king Abdulaziz and widely respected amongst older members of the ruling family the other senior prince to taint Mohammed bin Nayef was next in line to the throne before he was suddenly replaced three years ago yeah I did a rod trail sled dog races held a ceremonial start in anchorage Alaska this year's field fifty seven mushers is the second smallest in the past two decades interest in the world's most famous sled dog races dropped in recent years partly because a smaller cash prizes that'll rights activists have also stepped up pressure on sponsors to drop their support this is CBS news save up to forty five percent during del semi annual sale on business laptops and desktops with Intel core processors call eight seven seven by dell or visit dell dot com slash business deals your news live and local this is WCBS newsradio eight eight a radio dot com station fair skies nice looking sunset and with that forty seven degrees in the city right now we'll have a moon lit sky the winds will diminish will reach a low of thirty four in the city but upper twenties across the suburbs tomorrow is going to be a nice day it'll turn milder with plenty of sunshine and a high of fifty eight degrees W. CBS news time six oh three governor Cuomo has declared a state of emergency in New York over the corona virus as the number of cases here continue to climb with now seventy six cases statewide seventy six and that brings the total for Westchester two fifty seven cases Westchester is an obvious problem for us recent cases Hey in Westchester governor Cuomo says twenty three of them were related to the outbreak in new Rochelle apparent in summers in northern Westchester reportedly has tested positive low HUD reports Somers central school district will be closed this weekend and on Monday so maintenance staff can perform a deep clean of all for school building state health officials had recommended it of the seven new cases in New York state since yesterday to got off a cruise ship and five were community spread one of the patients is in the hospital in the Rockaways in the east Ramapo central school district in Rockland five students have been quarantined at the recommendation of county health officials though they are not showing symptoms in New Jersey has of this morning there were four confirmed cases acting governor Sheila Oliver who's in charge will governor Murphy recovers from successful surgery addressed the media today we have completed twenty nine twenty five of those tests have returned as negative and for our presumptive positive we currently have four tests in progress one from Union County one from Mercer county and two from Bergen county she said one of the cases in Bergen county is linked to the temple young Israel break out in Westchester separately the American conservative union says one of those New Jersey cases was a person who attended at C. pac conference earlier this month in Connecticut no residents have been diagnosed with corona virus but there are now two cases in New York right in New York residents who work in Connecticut hospitals viruses don't stop at state borders governor Ned Lamont said in the statement the latest cases a doctor at Bridgeport.

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