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Go to a local hospital in that. Hospital will be some people who will be seeing the last light of day today tomorrow. They will be gone and they would give anything to have your problem. So that's my challenge to the listener. You know if you really feel like you really down go somewhere where people are literally losing their life and then it gives you some appreciation the next thing. Is this idea of liking what you do and i tell a story about my sister. Who's a pretty good artist. And i was visiting her kenny bunk many years ago and we were in a coffee shop and she said you see that picture on the wall i said yep and she said. I painted that i said well. How did it get in this coffee shops that i sold it to. I said i'm going to sell it to foreign. She said you know a couple of hundred bucks. Whatever and i said you know. Why don't you do that for a living. You could just be in the basement you could paint and you could sell these you know in uk get better at it on it and she looked means she said something i never forget she says i don't like painting. And just how could it that you could have the skill and it's just not something that you wanna do. You know. maybe. I know one of the in a basement and she wanted to be. You know she's always been a mortgage brokerage Business and And so that's the concept of like now the next one is simple. And what i always say. People's life is simple. If you find that it is not stop. take a step back. Take a moment and work to simplify. And that's what you've talked about. You've talked about the moment of clarity in for the listeners. Out there when is your moment of clarity. Did you have it already. Are you having it right now. Clarity means things become clear and so search out that moment of clarity and use that moment to transform yourself Remember that it doesn't have to be as in this case an extreme event. You could have your moment of clarity right now but take that moment and get it. Not a last one. You've talked about this. What do i need to end. Not is the concept of letting go and i think that if we look at gratitude doing what we liked keeping. Life's simple taking advantage of our moments of clarity and letting go bowel boom. What a life. So that's what. I took away anything. You'd add to that. No it's One of the things. I talk about with the the moments of clarity is they can have been in the past. They could be now. You can go back and look at. What did.

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