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It but you know this is is something they're going to have to deal with and i think the players have got an it's going to be hard to because you got like you said he's sixteen hundred players on a sunday that is stand up and and and make their paul and make their beliefs known by their standing or kneeling and it's going to be up to them ultimately and whether the union says it or not you're still going have guys are to disagree with it because too many voices and that's the way it isn't the owners meeting to there's only thirty two of them and those owners disagree on this stuff too so it'll it's you know i i sooner or later i'm telling you every player in the nfl's going to stand up and stand up the same way because the league is going to want it that way and the union will get something for it if it if that's what it takes i think that's exactly what's going to happen all right and now back to shady mccoy for a moment in instagram post this came about the result of an instagram post by a woman that i don't know who she is mccoy shady mccoy on his verifying instagram account just posted this which is interesting for the record this is shady mccoy the totally baseless and offensive claims made against me today on social media are completely false furthermore i have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months and what that means but there it is that's because instagram response to the allegations made on instagram which is why it's early to be making up your mind about what this is what this means you know we had a on twitter a twitter notification from somebody could call decay says one bills live just decided not to speak about the shawn mccoy allegations there's nothing else to talk about state run radio twenty two minutes after the hour we probably spent eighteen of those twenty two minutes talking about what do you mean we're not talking about it yeah state run radio just what you want we just spent the bulk of the last twenty two minutes talking about it are you listening or you just hitting something on twitter this is why situations like this steve twitter becomes not just meaningless it becomes stupid it's like a way for feeble minded people to issue an opinion without even thinking about what what's been reported what it means is it true is it not true but you because you've got to have an instant opinion which is why we've talked about it we probably will talk about mccoy again today but none of us me you people on twitter decay on twitter you have no idea what the truth is here so everything you say is meaningless yeah and that's an shady's come out and said and made a statement now it's totally baseless he hasn't had any direct contact with any of the people involved with these allegations for months though that's from his account his instagram account so i'm sure but that's where the stands right now sure i mean that's yeah that's where it is now he's now it's he said she said and that's a nice pictures are bad but if he says he hasn't had anything to do with these people in months i smell a rat now what do we do now what do you do yeah now what do you do so it'll be interesting to see and i i don't know that it'll ever change the face of social media but this is what always happens when something like this happens first thing is while it's awful that's a horrible thing and you can imagine what social media has been doing shady mccoy time line and mentioned today they've been crushing him and rightfully so because of these but now it's not rightfully so if they're not outrageously so until you know it to be true though that's my point and if he has any if he has any proof of like is someplace whatever via say listen here's where i you know and it comes out that it was all totally baseless i don't know if that's even going to change you know how the internet you know it's not gonna change how the internet works we still everybody's still flies off the handle he's still gonna have to do he's gonna have to.

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