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Not as yeah i've been a selfish piss ant since the dow was born it's not good but yeah we want to continue the dark theater or you wanna hear some dark theater having my mother be a bottomless stripper so yeah it's a fun idea new york's only bottomless strip club stars hidden in the corner of strip mall yeah hidden for you i think that's a great strip club named to his freedom it in for you only the finest of club new york's own first and only bottomless strip club keep keep the ladies covered but there's definitely grass in the fields i'm just coming under spitballing coming up with tag lines we can use for the advertisements what do you think would be a good tagline for the advertisements for stars for new york's first you stars hidden for you i don't know i'm bad appalling this shit off the top of my head i'm that's not something i speed i like that it sounds almost like hidden for you hit shit like there they're going to bat for me a close to death peter porco what if there was all right here's a million dollar idea for the week just stripper baseball where you just sat and you strippers played baseball for nine innings god damn stripper baseball is great might get hurt but probably not everyone's probably a right like strapped with balls and that's like gnarly scene for baseball would be the game would still take four hours but it'll be all in like stripper shit with bare feet.

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