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Fund does big oil care about our streets flooding or our home burning not according to an exxon mobil top lobbyists. Did we aggressively bite against some of the science. Yes you know. We were looking out for our shareholders. Take care about profits. Not people learn more at polluters dot exposed none what world welcome to another episode of the ocho entity in partnership as always espy nations blogging. The boys dot money are joe. You me of course from bbb and for matters you're humble host onto the ocho. It is thursday the third day august nineteenth two thousand and twenty one. We hope all is or wherever you are. We hope you're happy safe healthy and that you are ready for week. Two of the preseason. That's right there is one more we get a preseason left after this one then the bio eat but we are getting closer and closer and closer to the regular season in fact. The regular season dallas cowboys at tampa. Bay buccaneers kicks off three weeks from today. We are one days away from football. that matters. it is very exciting and it seems like that is the next opportunity that we are going to have to see. Dak prescott mike. Mccarthy dallas cowboys was head coach said on wednesday that there is a good chance that dak prescott will not play on saturday against the houston. Texans it does seem like the cowboys retreating this game as their dress rehearsal. Now i know that there are people who are concerned people that are just a little bit aware of this on their preview. Show that we did on the blog on the boys. Youtube channel tony. Catalina just mentioned how it has kind of felt like the cowboys are moving the goalposts. A little bit here right like i. It's a couple of days and it's a week and a half and it's this now he's not gonna play in this preseason game i get that but the thing. I've been telling everybody when i've been asked about this. I keep thinking back to dak prescott press conference when he signed his extension with the cowboys and he talked about how he is aware of the financial commitment that the team has made to him and that if he is not there the team does not have the best opportunity that they ultimately have to win. He is that important and we all recognize that we all understand that. And so that's my sort of read on this deck. Is overly cautious airing on the side of caution because that helps the cowboys chances and i thought about this again. On wednesday dak prescott was on sirius. Xm nfl radio. He was asked about tom. Brady but listen to what he said that he particularly admired about the goat just wanted to follow up on tom brady. You're an elite quarterback. Obviously he's the go right. Yep i want to ask you at this point in his career. What impresses you the most about what he's doing. Yeah i mean just the consistency and staying healthy through it all at his age. Obviously you following him and following everything he does the discipline that he has to make sure that he's available and that's the most important thing is being available to your team and he's able to do that time and time year after year on. That's just incredible just to to do it at the level of play that he's doing and continuing to just get better honestly All throughout the game they have bad plays. He knows when to throw it away. He knows risk versus reward on easily standard of the position right. Now dak admires how. Tom brady is able to keep himself available. And that's just maybe i'm stretching but it feels like that corroborates that idea that dak prescott is the cowboys in the whole team. Dak camp here is doing everything they possibly can be. Overly overly overly overly cautious so that they can make sure that he is available week. One against the world champion so it seems like we will not see dak prescott on saturday. It seems like we will not see zack. Martin or zeke elliott zack. Martin sat out wednesday's practice with a stomach bug Same thing for quinton bohana rookie defensive tackle. It was a busy day for the cowboys. From a transactional standpoint. They have a new kicker the draft networks new draft network employee. Justin mellow shot at the in front of the show. I was the first break. This news at a cowboys. Well you know. Let's who's not pumped. I mean seriously who is not pumped to have a new kicker lirim haroo llahu. Hopefully i impressed that correctly. It is difficult as you can. Imagine is the newest kicker for the dallas cowboys. We'll see what he looks like. In the preseason game the dallas morning news did report is a two year deal. That is a little bit interesting back to wednesday's practice. Though the thing of note. Lyle collins dallas cowboys right. Tackle who missed. All of last season had an injury scare in the head neck area which definitely causes panic and there hasn't been a whole lot reported about this but for what it's worth dallas morning news. Did report that. The cowboys are quote. Not concerned and that he suffered a minor arm slash neck injury. All the best allow collins. If there is any development there you can trust that we will keep you updated at blogging. The boys dot com final thing for you. The dallas cowboys made five roster moves on tuesday. And they'll make five more next tuesday part of the nfl's off season. Changes are the cowboys roster. Currently at eighty five players. It will be at eighty next tuesday when we get ready for episode three of hard knocks by part of the russian move. The cowboys made this week was waving with the injury designation. Linebacker anthony hinds. We told you that this particular designation meant that. If anthony hinds made it through waivers he would revert to the dallas cowboys injured reserve. And any hines unclaimed. He is now on the dallas cowboys injured reserve. Along with reggie robinson and shavuot all in the allure so that about does it for the latest and greatest in the world of the dallas cowboys. Later on. today you've got a new episode of riled up coming your way here on the blog on the boys podcasts number. Please subscribe leave a rating review. Those things make us so happy and we are in competition with the philadelphia. eagles blog. Here explanation so help us win because cowboys eagles are riedel's scott was forever he for an ever and we have a preview show like i said we do this every week. Previewing the game. The dallas cowboys are going to be playing on the blog on the boys youtube channel head on over there subscribe as well i am. Rj ocho of course from bt. You can follow me on twitter or instagram at r. j. o. cha and you're going to be a huge favourite and you can have the absolute best day of all time. Have the best thursday ever. You know why because you deserve it. We will see you many of my friends as always go cowboys peace out..

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