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Top of this totally only bad ass custom hover board wearing a backpack loaded with fuel. The trip was twenty two miles across the channel. In twenty minutes they were going to raid area. Fifty one this year and finally expose all of those X.. Files secrets you know about the UFO's secrets the government's been hiding from us. And it all started with a mean a viral facebook joke that employed people to the storm area fifty one. They can stop all of this. A fake event with the arbitrary date of September twentieth breath. Twenty nine thousand nine hundred more than two million people. RSVP to storm area fifty one and the creator of the event page guy named Matty Roberts of Bakersfield California believe and got a little visit from the FBI over this thing the pseudo event morphing from an assault on the military facility. which is what they were talking about? Right let's go expose government secrets and instead is sort of morphed into this poor man's area fifty one burning man thing with music and dancing and booze and whatever at one point the Lincoln County Sheriff was preparing for at least thirty two thousand people to show up to the town of Rachel Nevada for alien stock ultimately it looks like about six thousand people eventually showed up the town of Rachel. Rachel Nevada has a population of fifty four and the townsfolk were largely kind of air rotated by all this. The whole thing really ended up. Up is a harmless way to wrap up the summer a few visitors there was a DJ some commemorative t shirts ten dollar beer and for the few that showed up. They said they.

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