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But if the whole way I was gonna ask you about that in terms of your conference, or what have you because every time somebody's talking about football. Obviously in almost stops and starts with the SEC. Now, obviously you played in Alabama for the national championship. You played Texas A&_M second game of the season. And that was a hell of a game that ended up winning twenty eight to twenty six. So when when you talk about your conference and conference in the lack of respect per se is it that everything goes to the SEC and everyone else's suffering from receiving lack of respect or do you think specifically more attention needs to be given to the ACC is which one is? I think it's definitely more tension giving the ACC this league is is is very very challenging. I mean again we had eleven bowl teams this year. I think we had ten last year Levin. A year before that I think no no leagues had more bowl teams over the last three years. It's just very competitive. You know, I mean, anybody can can can beat anybody in my opinion. And you gotta come to play every week. We have a bunch of great coaches in this league. And and that's he sees a greatly to there's no doubt about it. But there is a rhetoric like, you know, that nobody else plays football. And and I, and I, you know, some of that media driven or whatever. But that's he see is is very unbelievable the league. But I it's hourly is is what prepares us. That's all I can say is what ABC gives us we can and week out. And and what we practice against every day and how we practice, and so, you know, we've been in the postseason. I mean, you can go all the way back two thousand twelve when when beat LSU, and and it's it's been a, you know, every year we get into some of these postseason games. And it seems like we're we're always no matter what we do. We're always kind of you know, the underdog if you will and just kinda guy, but guys love that. I mean, 'cause they they know how we practice. They know who we play and how we prepare, and you know, and then we played Alabama. You know? So we're we're two in one against them in national championship games. We're too into over the last four years. So we have the mindset that you have to have to compete against such unbelievable opponent. But I think our league has been very deep and competitive, and I think SEC has been very strong on the front end. But maybe maybe not as deep although this year, I thought they they had a bunch of a bunch of good competitive teams that that bunch of bowl teams as well. Dabbled Sweeney head coach for the reigning defending national champion. Clemson Tigers right here with Steven A, ESPN radio ESPN news. Gotta get into trouble Lawrence right now. Because I I'm looking at a freshman, and I'm looking at the height on his God think he's. Logistic six five six six coach. Clearly, he's got a rifle of an arm on them looked absolutely sensational in the national championship game as well. This three touchdowns and three hundred and forty seven yards passing. You had the Shawn Watson just a couple of years ago deliver a national championship for you. And I'm not asking you to compare those two per se. But what I am asking is how good can Trevor Lawrence end up being when we talk about. I mean, I've got people right now talking about his height and his ability to see over the defensive line of scrimmage, and what he can do with that all of this. They think he has an opportunity to be one of if not the all Tom great. What are you say about Trevor Lawrence today? Say he's he certainly has that opportunity. I think that he's got every measurable that you would ever want, you know, from a quarterback standpoint as far as his size, his fundamentals his release, his arm strength athleticism is all those things. And then he's got the intangibles the football. I q the ability to process things and see it his demeanor his poise. He's leadership character humility, you know, all those things. So he's got everything. There's really no. I mean, the only thing that would stop him is is, you know, just the good Lord didn't have it in the car. It's one for whatever reason..

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