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Good terrible i think you two dudes are going to become rail khomeini's son was found these guys man i hate those guys here hero your host ryan kaufman and chris brayden with godfather of colorado springs sports radio we ills well i don't know what to do with myself today um it's it's a different feel being that the broncos have won a game ryan chris wheels with you in studio leaving you up to monday night football you said wheels and i would get tshirts of the broncos ever won again get one for vance joseph i know he was handing them out that's what i was like that's a ryanto wheels in i n o no teacher just give me time there at the printers okay fine look at the perpetual printers ah yeah so how how different is today broncos country twenty and not just to win it's not like mcmanus hit a field goal with a second left 23 nothing beat down of the new york jets yesterday do that's like rats that what i'm interested in order to echo way like you just got i knew how are you going up and just that much farther away i know you're going to bring that up and look for today the lost is not hurt them here's y k the second tiebreaker after headtohead in right now they don't have headtohead meeting at all with the with the niners or the cold say will bright the colts on thursday but right now because they have no head to head the second tiebreaker is division record broncos have beaten two teams in division the niners have beaten noone in the colts have only one divisional win brazil as it stands even if the broncos would have lost yesterday and been technically tied with the colts in the forty nine overs they would still be pick five today because they would lose the tiebreakers assuming that the draft tiebreakers are the same as all amos aim right now it same same right now but you're right in that the coast will take care of itself right they play on thursday even if the broncos are game better colts went on thursday now they're tied colts have the tiebreaker by the niners won yeah you know there could be a scenario where um they end up in fourth or fifth pick because they finish with one win more than the.

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