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Is expensive. In one 6 month period, he clocks up over 100,000 air miles, earning himself the nickname, president of the skies. Traveling with an entourage of 40 people at a cost of $6 million per trip, the bills of the exchequer approaches 9 figures. By now though, Zimbabweans are used to a culture of excess from their rulers. The exclusive gated community of borrowdale, when Mugabe and grace live, is a playground for the super rich. In the midst of one of the world's poorest countries. The ruling party leaders, all lived in these mansions. It's a strange thing to drive around that area of Harare because you think that you're driving in a poor, desperately impoverished country. And you see that it's actually quite beautiful and looks in some ways like Beverly Hills. It's completely mad. It makes no sense to talk in cars. They love cars. Lamborghini's Maserati is rolls royces. And the roads, you've got to see the roads, the hotels are craters, you can't drive them as a variety. They park them in their driveways and they sit on them and they have the med strength and have beer in the car and stuff. Over the years, grace Mugabe has become the poster girl for the materialism of the ruling elite. A woman who declared she could only wear $1000 ferragamo shoes. Because no other brand fitted her narrow feet. Compared to Mugabe's first wife Sally, grace has never been popular. But she's been tolerated as long as she stays in her lane. In turning against Joyce Maduro and the ZANU-PF old guard, though. Grace is seriously blotted her copy book. Zimbabwe is a fairly conservative traditional society, very patriarchal. She was disrespectful of her elders. And again, respecting your elders, your tradition. That is part of Zimbabwean culture. And she sort of blew that all up. The idea of grace taking over was repulsive. I think she was going after everybody. She was undressing people in public. She was talking about how Amy generals well, you know, we don't care that you fought the war, the war was many, many years ago. I have often wondered if Robert Mugabe had had a son who was a bit older. Or if he had nurtured somebody into his son, then ZANU-PF would have had a much smoother transition. Drop everything and hurry to the Xfinity Black Friday sale. You'll save big when you get Xfinity Internet and mobile. Now through December 5th, new customers can get HBO Max included for one year with Internet. And for a limited time, learn how to get $500 off an eligible 5G phone when you add Xfinity mobile. Drop everything and get to the Xfinity Black Friday sale. Go to Xfinity dot com call one 800 Xfinity or visit a store today. Restrictions apply. At supported plan of HBO Max, some promo and December 6th, 2022, Xfinity mobile requires post bakes for any Internet. When Majuro is booted out of government, it's not grace, but Emerson Mellon gagua, who takes her place as vice president for Robert Mugabe, though there are good reasons for grace to ultimately take over. Beyond the dictum of happy wife, happy life. Not only will it keep his family name twinned with that of Zimbabwe. But if he lives long enough to see her come to power, she can protect him from prosecution on corruption charges. By 2017, grace has her sights set on meninga. The dispute between her G 40 faction and the Zanu old guard reaches epic proportions. It was a Game of Thrones within the ruling party and grace had her faction and had his faction. And those were the warring parties when things came to a head. Seeing off Majuro was one thing, but in going after the crocodile, grace and her team had bitten off more than they can chew. For almost 40 years, men and Gaga has been at the heart of Mugabe's regime. Had been a close ally in Mozambique where the guerrilla camps were he had sort of run in security detail. After independence, he was always by Mugabe's side, Managua was his protector and through the succeeding 37 years had held pretty much every position in government. So yeah, they were. They were comrades and allies. But what's a 50 year friendship? When your wife doesn't like your old war body. The campaign against the vice president begins in July 2017. G 40 slicks Bengali, Jonathan moyo, hijacks a Politburo meeting. He screens a devastating video that alleges men and gagua has been plotting a coup. Response is to sue moyo with $3 million and write a long letter to Mugabe proclaiming his innocence. But the rumor refuses to go away. A few weeks later, Reuters publishes leaked intelligence documents that suggest a secret pact between the crocodile and Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the movement for democratic change. After four years of power sharing came to an end in 2013, the MDC have slipped back into their traditional role as Zimbabwe's beleaguered opposition party. Is it possible that chang'e has agreed to work with one of his old Zanu enemies in order to get back into power? Meanwhile meninga has received numerous warnings that an attempt on his life is imminent. In Zimbabwe, car crashes are the usual modus operandi for dispatching political opponents. So when men and Gaga starts projectile vomiting, a ZANU-PF rally, it's not immediately clear what the cause is. Airlifted to hospital in South Africa, he's found to have high levels of arsenic in his system. The ice cream served to speakers at the rally came from grace Mugabe's dairy farm. The First Lady is forced to deny accusations that she deliberately poisoned her rival. Why should I kill men and she asks dismissively? Who is men and gagua on this earth? A month later though, grace's language is rather different. We must deal with this snake, she tells a crowd at rufaro stadium, where Zimbabwe's Independence Day was celebrated 37 years earlier. The snake must have his head crushed. In the same way as it had happened against Joyce majeure, there was this sort of increasing crescendo of personal attacks on linen gagua. And she would often do this on stage at political rallies when he was sitting a few seats away from her. And people in Zimbabwe watched this with horror. It was like a car crash. It was a soap opera. And when a guy would just politely would just sit there, taking it all and people considered him weak, unable to fight back the fact that she could stand on stages across the country and say, this guy is a dead man. She literally said at one point like you're a Walking Dead man for challenging my husband. For the most part, Mugabe studiously avoids getting involved in the battle between his old friend and his wife. But when the crowd at a bullet a rally begins to heckle grace's latest tirade, the president steps in to defend her. Tottering up to the microphone, Mugabe raises a finger in the air. Summoning the authority of the stern headmaster. We are denigrated and insulted in the name of he asks theatrically. Did I make a mistake appointing him my deputy? Because if I did, I will drop him as soon as tomorrow. At that point, a decision had to be made was Mugabe going to side with her or side with meninga. And what happened was he sided with his wife, grace. And he fired me. And it was announced on the national broadcaster that I'm going to go who's being dismissed. So yeah, he was fired. And normal circumstances in a normal country that would have been it, he would have been replaced and retired to his house in the country, right? But this being Zimbabwe, he got word that he was going to be assassinated. It was going to be arrested police were coming for him. Meninga knows better than anyone that such warnings are not to be taken lightly.

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