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I think maybe having elites up at Ezio in there too is a site of younger more diverse. You know, as best actress younger more diverse members, and you know, having publ public house-key in there as opposed to Bradley Cooper. I think the Cold War Cold War. I think there's a there's some definite signs that we have a different academy now. But even if we look more closely at say, the directing raise there's not a woman among the director nominees, and if you look at the actor actress supporting actor supporting actress race in every category, there is a person of color, but it doesn't feel like great strides are being made you talked about y'all Lita ratio from Roma Regina king from veal streak could talk was nominated. But the film itself was not for best picture. So where do you see the shortcomings from your perspective in the nominations about? How the academy still has some work to be done at recognizing a broader. Spectrum of filmmaking. Definitely there's some still work to be done. And you're right. It's almost could feel these are all worthy performances the one person of color in each category. But we certainly needed more Michael Jordan, for instance, and Black Panther John given Washington would have been worthy. So you know, there's some other folks in there too. And I think that Debra Granik for driving leave no trace should have been in there. Tamra Jenkins for private life should have also been in there. There's some definite omissions there. It's still a white male dominated. List of nominees is still white male dominated academy, and that's changing, but not fast enough quadriplegic is the president of the L A film critics association, you will hear very often as a film critic on air talk. Claudia great to see you. Thanks for coming in. Thank you for having me..

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