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H. P. dealing with this collision how we're trying to determine whether or not this collision is is involved with ours that vehicle exited northbound one a one a condenser Avenue failed to negotiate the turn and slammed head on into a traffic signal in concrete wall on airport Boulevard a passenger died two others were injured to some question as to whether there may have been a fourth party that fled on foot no one in the home robbery was hurt the peninsula exit in a part of airport Boulevard remain closed at this hour corner on scene live in San Mateo Tim Ryan KCBS thank you Tim the list keeps growing more tech companies stepping in to help protect presidential candidates from cyber threats KCBS in that bigger with a sly never report nearly a dozen firms are now saying that provide free or reduced cost service as right stand last week we told you about San Francisco based cloud flare announcing freeze cyber security tools to federal election campaigns now according to the Wall Street journal they are being joined by nearly a dozen other tech firms offering similar services to the presidential campaigns which are expected to once again be targets for hackers Alissa stars act with cloud flare tells KCBS we believe even the smallest campaign should have access to cyber security tools and to make sure they can protect themselves and campaigns in particular are it's really important for the democratic process to have them protected as we saw on twenty sixteen election that's when national security officials determine that Hillary Clinton's campaign was hacked by Russian agents the company is offering this cyber aid call it to eight civic responsibility but it's also good for business working for political campaigns gives the firm's visibility and possible future clients reporting live Matt Bigler KCBS thanks Matt China has expanded travel restrictions in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in approximately twenty million people in three cities are essentially on lockdown meanwhile health officials in the bay area are keeping a close eye on the situation as the deadly virus continues to spread from China to other parts of the world he CBS's Keith Menconi reports SFO with its many flights from Wuhan China the origin of the new illness is among a handful that begin screening passengers for the disease now says Dr Eric upon with the association of bay area health officials local authorities are on heightened alert and hard at work screening incoming Tyler is making sure if anyone who was potentially exposed to this virus gets assessed appropriately and tested and appropriate infection control among the things they're hoping to learn about this disease it's at severity how it spreads and what populations might be most prone to catching it for now though pun says bay area residents of face a low risk of infection a massive recently traveled to will heighten China or come in close contact with someone who is ill she adds that local state and national health officials have been sharing information about the virus for several weeks now Keith Menconi KCBS opioid crisis landing firmly in San Francisco now city officials say the number of overdose deaths involving heroin or fat no or both more than doubled last year they now believe fentanyl itself was involved in at least two hundred thirty four deaths in twenty nineteen up from ninety eight the year before health officials say these numbers prove the nation wide opioid crisis which is killed thousands is now firmly rooted in San Francisco one researcher saying one thing that stands out in this version of the crisis is that users in San Francisco seem to actually be seeking out fed to know which can kill it small doses just ahead on KCBS son Jeffrey shall be in Oakland cannabis grows in this city for putting small business owners the city is first for traffic Kim is in your local Honda dealers traffic center Marin problem top of the list yeah this is a multi car accident it happened in the counter commute direction those stand this report brought to you by lazy boy but it's affecting the commute make no doubt about it here this is north one oh one right before you get to Freitas parkway it's in injury crash is a big rig and a whole bunch of cars maybe up to six cars involved and it started as one line be a block now we have the numbers three four and five so if you count left to right the whole right side of the freeway taken up by this multi car crash traffic on the northbound side is backed up to the Civic Center to north San Pedro and this is causing attention from the southbound commuters no doubt there looking over the divider south one a one is jammed up anyway from highway thirty seven but just tighter than usual in the terra Linda rather than just the sluggish traffic that you're used to in the meantime we're taking a look at the Nimitz freeway we had some trouble southbound we're checking both directions with Dave fox KCBS in studio still have trouble southbound eight eighty after two thirty eight it says stall trailer with a Porta potty on top of that that's in the left lane poor body may be overturned a traffic is backed up almost a marina right now northbound EDT slows at two thirty eight that's going to be continue slow into open up to twenty Third Avenue accidents cleared on southbound six eighty approaching the Dublin interchange but traffic is slow from San Ramon from Bollinger canyon as you make your way down to well Costa and then it starts to loosen up a bit for you there don't miss the lazy boy a factory authorized clearance sale lazy factory clearance items at a believable marked down so even pay your sales tax lazy boy furniture galleries live life comfortably your next update right before sports on the traffic we do have a patch of far here in there this morning we also have some higher cloud cover temperatures will be on the mild side again today so a sixty five degree forecast odd for San Jose sixty in San Francisco Oakland conquered as Santa Rosa this afternoon should re sixty two traffic and.

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H. P. discussed on KCBS Radio Morning News

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