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But. I'm not gonna sit here and say that I think Casey is thirty has of it because we've seen Thomas Davis makes agreed use hits in his career, and I wouldn't call him a dirty player either. I just think it was. Keyed in the moment. And I think he was rightly ojected and I re- with it. Suspending him. I mean, if you're trying to send the message. Yeah, I agree. You should just suspend them. So like sends a message like, hey, we're not effing around as far as the league goes, but you know? Yeah, that's the only reason. I think he should be spended. They should send a message that, hey, we're not taking more. It's no longer acceptable. Right. But other than that, I mean, they still scored on that drive Cam Newton's. Okay. So all in all it worked out. Okay for the Panthers. Thankfully. Thank God. Hopefully we don't see anymore. Those hits, I guess, is the best way to put it so good for Ron Rivera going on fourth down. Yeah, he did. He did. He didn't fact not turtle for once. That was good. He must have read last week's turtles. I believe on is gonna frame this if I just tried and true Cam with never gotten hit in the face. I hope not. I hope not either. We'll see how that goes as far as the season progresses, but we will be previewing the Bengals panther's game coming up later this week. Hopefully doing some some nice changes. We have going for us, but. Yeah, the Panthers lost this game, but hopefully that's not the case for next week. So we'll have our preview of that game going forward and. Thank you for joining us. John, Brad, any lasting thoughts you wanna get out there. Okay. Well, for almost from all of us, the fourth shore podcast, and thank you for supporting us in listening to the podcast. We will have a major facelift coming here soon. Can't really get into the details, but it's happening. It's going to be good. It's going to be lit as the kids say these days, but yet from all of us here at the fourth podcasts, John Brad myself, Brian, ever sluice. Have a good rest of your week and join us for Bengals Panthers preview to play football takes off to for the touchdown. Two. For the. Second. Jonathan Stewart that he's in for a touchdown. Intercepted by. No. The role in New England.

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