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Detroit and then they'll have a private, family service on Sunday at the greater grace temple Aretha Franklin sold seventy five million records. Was the first. Female artists inducted into the rock and, Roll Hall of fame and won more Grammy awards than any other female artists in history NASA has tweeted their respects and pointed out that an asteroid, was named in honor of Aretha Franklin. Back in two thousand ten a Houston man sentenced to more than six years in prison for, trying to blow up a statue of a confederate commander last summer in Hermann part after he serves his time twenty six. Year old Andrew stack will be, placed on three years of supervised release he was previously arrested for. Collecting explosives at his parents Southampton place hump near the museum. District he's, already spent a. Year at the federal jail in downtown Houston Schneck also has to pay a ten thousand dollar fine Audrey Morton News Radio seven, forty k. Terry, a doctor Her convicted of sexually, assaulting a heavily sedated patient at Ben Taub hospital five years ago gets ten years probation and no prison time Shafique Sheik was fired in two thousand fourteen and arrested in two thousand fifteen bond is being denied for three suspects in the murder of a Houston team. They're accused of robbing and killing Brian Escalante on Wednesday night police say the trio gave them conflicting details of what happened Escalante, was a week away from turning sixteen years old an elderly man is believed dead following a fire in baytown firefighters say flames broke out and completely destroyed at home neighbors were saddened to hear investigators found the body near the front door it.

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