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Reports. This is the third reprieve for Hannah. Who killed his cell mate at Lebanon Correctional and was sentenced to die in 1998 latest reprieve is because the state is having trouble getting the necessary drugs. For the lethal injection. I'm Matt Reese, the Ohio Department of Health Reporting over 8400 new Covid 19 cases Saturday. This along with 169 you hospitalizations in 26 new ICU admissions more than 3200 Ohioans were hospitalized with Covid as of Saturday, but There were 33 fewer patients receiving treatment for the virus over the last 24 hours in northeast Ohio, Friday afternoon, a car thief ending up with something he did not expect. Cleveland Heights Police say that three Children are safe and sound after a man stole their nannies car as they were sitting in the back seat. The nanny had just put the kids in the car. They were aged 34 and seven months and she was standing nearby the car, not in it. And the man suddenly jumped in the driver's seat and drove off. Then he realized the kids were sitting in back later abandoned the car near East 113th in ST Clair and Cleveland. Cleveland Heights. Police Still looking for that carjacker. I'm Tom Moore. College Football Saturday number three Ohio stated home upset by number. 12 Oregon 35 28. After a slow start in a 77 tie at halftime number seven Cincinnati scoring 35 points in the second half, beating Murray State 42 7 at Nippert Stadium. Toledo's upset bid and number eight Notre Dame which falls short 32 29. I'm Sean Gallagher, filling your news feed at the top trending news. And bottom of the hour. Columbus's views is on news radio 6 10 w. T. V N.

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