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Even if both of these guys are ready in our mind and and we see flashes from camp doesn't mean that both of them are even going to start so throwing all that aside and saying in a world where the coaching staff agrees with us. And these guys develop on schedule and both of them are on the field together and the really you know playing up to expectations. They are in the mold of where the nfl is going when it comes to linebackers. And i hate to draw this comparison but it it's a theoretical comparison to the tampa bay linebackers of alantic. David and and white. Those two players can can run. They can hit. You know they can cover. And they're a different breed and they really caused the chiefs a tremendous amount of problems in the super bowl. So ken gay. And bolton be the chiefs version of that yet yeah see. That's the thing. I actually think. That's a i know you it is. It is a kind of a silly comparison writer or you know in a stretch comparison. But i do. There's a base to it and and there's a foundation to in in the sense that lamantia david as an athletic linebacker. But he isn't known for just being you know super fast for speed like his counterpart devon white. He's really smart. And a really good run defender and can accelerate coverage as well just being an intelligent player. That's what you hope nick. Bolton can turn out to be devon white like. I kind of mentioned is that speedy playmaker type. That's gonna be blitzing a lot. That's going to be you a guy that they don't you know put in man on man covered in covered situations where you know. He uses athleticism to take stuff away in the flat. And all that kind of thing at a really gay would you would assume kinda mix in so. It is kind of fun you know. It is kinda that to that do. Oh they kinda complement each other. They kind of have the you know each other's strengths and weaknesses. Kind of taking care of that sort of thing. So in that sense yeah. I do think there's logistic logistical or logitical. Legitimate reason to kinda maybe top ten is. There's a lot of teams in the nfl top ten. Isn't that crazy. You know when when you get to number ten. i mean. that's a lot of teams ahead of you still. I didn't know you were saying logistical there or or legitimate but yes making up words like it. Top ten shouldn't be that much of a strategy. I tend to agree with you there. I think there's it's still feels like a long shot because we haven't seen them on the field together. We've barely seen them on the field at all when you wanna talks to to gays role last year there's been so limited it feels like a foreign concept less. Maybe wait until we see them all field together before we we put them in the in the hall of very good but I certainly something to watch and it would be very exciting to see those guys on the field. I mean i'd love to see durango daniels dime linebacker you know again. That's between the fan point of view and the and the coaching staff point of view. We'll speak in a dime. I do wanna answer his on the what the starting dime would look like or the base too so just real quick. We'll go through. Ace in my opinion would be snead in warden on the outside three linebackers and then the safeties would be thornhill in matthew when we go to time which means they're six defensive backs on the field usually that means there's one linebacker which has been nieman the past. Hopefully it will a gay this year. It could even be nick bolton You know just i intelligence but we'll see we don't know but that one linebacker plus usually sorenson as a box safety if they do go sixty bs in terms of four cornerbacks. I would think that fourth quarter. There's going to be warden. Need obviously out there. I think rashad fenton is that other slot you can trust in the slot besides snead and matthew. He's at third guy. Think you can trust in the slot and then like we mentioned baker hughes You know whoever gets the you know the advantage over those two in training camp. I think one of them will merge that fourth quarter and then in dime they would be the outside cornerback if they needed to slots snead and fatten. One of those guys would be outside so they got room to work around. And there's a lot of versus pieces in in the defensive backfield this year. It really seems like that's the way that it's going to go with snead is he's going to be outside. Start off with and he'll slide into the slot or inside whenever they go to these more lose lighter sets let squeeze in one final question here on from from our buddy metric Not chief's fan. If you could replace chiefs draft pick with someone who was picked later. Who would that be. And why. I'm going to assume that this is a twenty twenty one draft pick so not a not previous years so give me one replacement for achieves draft. Pick this year. So i liked the pig that was made for sure. I don't wanna nothing on this guy. They did sign. Awesome blythe this offseason. So that's someone could play center. If crete humphry wasn't drafted so in place of creed humphry. Let's get tommy trembling here. I i know noah gray has got us all excited. We talk about that. Fullback tight end hybrid. That noah gray can play shoot. I think tremble would even be an easier fit to fit into that kind of hybrid rule because of how good of a block or he was he could just be a straight up. Fullback need your burton. He could just be the guy. That is your fullback. And then you know maybe. He's not as as in depth as a receiver in terms of being able to run routes well and and and being like travis kelsey type that the coaching staff wasn't gonna say about tremble instead of gray. But i just. I think i liked trembles ability as a blocker. And then you know who learn. You'll learn more pass catching abilities. It's not like he couldn't do it at all. and i. i just like to see that you know over over the creed humphry pick what about you. Creed humphries slander will not be accepted. You heard the preface come. I think that's a decent idea. I may have to go with a two for one here just to cheat a little bit. I would replace nick bolton with boogie. Basham which would give the chiefs a really good fit at defensive end edge position that could get on the field. Maybe a little quicker than josh canedo. So then you know. This is the problem with these these replacement projections once. I take out Josh canedo and put in boogie basham. Then you know who who do chiefs take at the end of round four course or in in place of joshua canedo you know. I think at that point in the draft. It is a little bit of a crap. Shoot you're looking at at the talent available in the chiefs have done pretty well in the fourth and fifth round in the past. Maybe they come back and get a They could get another offense lineman they you know they could get another tight in Noah gray was really the next you know pick for the chiefs. But maybe brian jordan at the top of that round would be an interesting receiving option at tight end. So yeah once you start chasing one draft pick. It ends up changing the entire draft for me. But i really would have liked to have seen boogie bashan there. Instead of nick bolton it would have given us a lot more cover at that hedge position especially given the events that transpired since the draft. This is advertiser content from facebook. Hi i'm taylor. I work at fox media. And i found my dream couch for in home. Thanks to a personalized out on instagram. So summer of two thousand eighteen. I moved from. La to new york super excited to.

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