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Liza orleans is a career public defender. She spent her last decade working manhattan legal aid society and she calls her yourself the most progressive handling of all of them. She campaigns on decarbonization. Cutting the budget by at least fifty percent slashing number of employees that work there and really will turn up to the fact that she does not have prosecution experience because anyone who has worked the prosecutor has contributed to this were able system that she wants to dismantle right and joan rounding out our eight candidates dania bucci she would take issue with. The idea is the most progressive candidate in the race. You would claim that mansell. She has been endorsed by the working families party nixon. And she's trying to really inhabit the kind of insurgent energy of lettuce candidates the past. She's a civil rights lawyer. She sued the city of new york multiple times police department. She sued the fire department And she has personal experience that the justice system. Her father was convicted on federal conspiracy. Charges sentenced to twenty two years in prison. That's important or of hurricanes or why she's running see both got it this a little bit in describing the candidates but we have this sort of spectrum of we have a group of prosecutors or former prosecutors. We have a group of folks who haven't been prosecutors and they're much more on the sort of overhaul the office A lot less prosecution a lot. More restorative justice end of the spectrum Let's just talk a little bit about some of the themes of the race in what it's been bowed. And what are some of the key topics that the candidates seemed to be trying to differentiate themselves on Deanna water new star. What are some of the things that stand out to you in terms of How this is shaking out What are the what are they differentiations in the platforms of the candidates. So i think what's interesting is the race arrives amid a spike in violence across the city and manhattan and so something that's not during all of these virtual forms that have been held. Our house handed. It's would handle the uptick in violence and specifically shooting in so you have some drying from their prior experience. Galvan brag when he was at the his office he created this data portal to track weapons junior source. You have italian talks about courts that you would want to create a diversion programs for young defendants similar to ones in brooklyn that. She watched firsthand while she was working. Bracken's olice jonynas wrote a story about this also I two hani analiza car. Sarrazin and their declaration policies as raised to handle violence in in terms of the the way that that issue seems to be hanging over the race jonet. Can we sort tell that that is something. That's animating voters are. We just know because you know. It's obviously an issue in the candidates are being being asked about it repeatedly because it's a problem that the city is facing it's a really good question And willing has been extremely limited in this race so when we think about how the public is thinking about this race. We don't even know what they're thinking about it at all from rate low turnout race traditionally. I will say that in the last ten years. We've really seem prosecutorial. Elections generally change Particularly in the last five years where we have candidates who look like a bucci orleans for an even lang's extent People who are pushing for reform were talking about the racism. Justice system inequities justice system. Those people are getting life did but gun violence and one could argue Trump no longer being in office and in fact being subject of investigation of this office has really kind of thrown a curve into this race..

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