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I'll give you guys a quick rundown of who was released in such because it's I guess it's a mean i I get it but in certain aspects. Wwe's finds a way to fucking drop the ball so First of module rawlings was released as well as tucker who was formerly known as one half of heavy machinery Wesley blake relief. Callisto chelsea green. Bo dallas You'll have pain royce. You had Billy k. Mickie james and then of course the big one everybody is shocked was was the flabbergasted about was samoa joe and i'll get to the the liner ones i because the big names of the ones that it's interesting for me to discuss so For guys like mojo tucker Those guys i can see why they were released. I mean the only thing that i found astounding with the tucker situation was that you were you. Had you had a person in talk who was paired up with oldest and heavy machinery in the tax was over. They look good in annex t. They looked really good at nfc. You're trying to find a fit for them. Get a niche for them. They got into some some some solid matches with teams in. You brought them up to the main roster whether it was too early or not is Is a judgment call but you bring them up there especially when the tax division w w we has gone by the wayside for far too long. I don't understand how a promotion that really had a solid tacking vision going back in the eighties which basically bring up the the promotion behind hoc amenia and such when you had taxings british bulldog sahara foundation dream team The killer bees strikeforce. You these guys which everybody was looking forward to whenever you had events and the years you just you know you started doing dwindling dwindling them down. I mean of course you had apa. You had a edge christian. The dudley the the the hardy's that was your peak of when attacked him divisions was relevant. And it was impactful where fans really We're looking forward to more tacky match than they were two singles and But the years just saw the the division. Just fall by the wayside you get. These pairings are just didn't make sense. It wasn't until we saw not too long ago where we had the the emergence of f. tr. Which is The revival you had american alpha. You had a the usos you attack teams like that. That was showing some glimmering glitz of possibly having some kind of a reemergence of the tag team division. But then i. It seems like vince just went and put the cigarette on that shit after a while. Because i don't. I don't understand why you don't think they doesn't make sense than you know especially when you got like the new day who were who over his faulk. And it's i don't know. I i don't i don't see why they automatically start to break. These tactics in heavy machinery was one of them. They saw something in oldest and Who who knows in time. Maybe maybe wrong especially him Joining up with chad gable. Which you bring up one k one tactics put him in i. I don't know that was just. But i see what the thing is With tucker they was. I guess it was really any. There wasn't any any appeal for him as a single. So you let them go same. Wesley blake and mobile rawling. It's like those guys wesley. He was doomed from the get. Because you know you. With baja forgotten sons and adds after. The jackson reicher Comments on social media that pretty much doomed at fucking on that team. But then you get the Like i said the mojo rolling motor was zack. Which was a was a guaranteed Pairing because they both had the same kind of gimme going on the same kind of attitude and personality and It worked for minute. It was there and After a while you just you gotta go your separate ways. I can see it. But i don't i don't really know whether or not if mojo was really wwe material. I didn't i didn't really. i never really saw it. I didn't understand it. Maybe he's one of those guys that he got he gets polished up in the indies and such. We'll we'll go back to that and then you get another one who was in a faction but also a a singles who was Very entertaining and and very talented as as callisto calista gets released. And i think he was unhappy for a long time. I think he was promised something. And it just never came to fruition. I can only imagine that he was thought to be the the next ramos stereo even after once car laugh year was given that that look and then when ray came back he was like okay. Now i'm fucked. Because i can't be the next somebody if the guys here. So what am i gonna do and They paired them with you. Know the the the m lucia house party. Then they tease the he'll turn which is weird because not a lotta Wwe is not really a lot of instances where someone in lucia becomes a. He'll so i'm usually. When he turned him they start taking off their masks. But you You saw you heard you pretty much. Saw him not so that he wasn't on tv anymore and you heard that he wasn't happy and they just said you know we get it. Let you That you spread your wings. Young man and fly and fly away. Then we had the release of bo. Dallas which mean man hasn't been seen on tv ages. I think the last time we remember seeing him was During that time with the ms a little probably a little bit after that even so it's like he basically hit his peak in an xt was champion for some time and then got to the main roster and the believe gimmick wasn't really going over I enjoyed his tagging with with.

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