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Congratulations. You've expanded and gotten rid of finish and Swedish neutrality thus far as well as getting your hat handed to you in the first four out of 5 parts of the campaign. Russia however has according to the financial time signal is about to annex Kirsten in southern Ukraine as more and more of the Russian effort continues to be about the land bridge to Crimea and perhaps a further push to Odessa. The war is stalemated at the present moment along a fairly intense line of fighting that we haven't seen since World War II. Ukraine has stopped Russian gas flowing to Europe through a key pipeline. That is a significant event for Europe. I don't know why it would why you frame allowed Russia to make money on their pipelines when they were up killing new war crime surface today. Seeing them with a chilling video of the execution style murder of two citizens who had talked to Russian troops turned around were walking away. Back to their dealership, and they just got gunned down in the back. That's the Russian tactics. As the war grinds on its global economic toll is surging, according to the New York Times this morning, as one would expect, but it is not just the fascists in Moscow, Putin, the totalitarian in Beijing is at it. Hong Kong police arrested cardinal zen. Senior Catholic prelate in the entire country was put under arrest yesterday, is depicted with the heart of mercy showing of Jesus at his office. He was later released on bail, he is a vocal proponent of democracy. Israel struck Syrian Golan in missile attack. They're very concerned. They're getting very close to all out conflagration there as more incidents come. Doctor Horan will join us. Later in this hour to discuss what's going on in Israel. In the United States, the Pennsylvania Senate race is front and center. David McCormick I have endorsed will be joining me next hour. The world is coming down on Kathy Barnett in the last 48 hours because she surged into third place behind Doctor Oz who is fading, David McCormick who is surging in Kathy Barnett was getting close, so Doctor Oz took out after her and his surrogates did at least, calling into question her military service, calling into question her backstory and publicizing her old tweets which are pretty viciously anti Muslim. This is I haven't reviewed this completely yet. But it seems to me probably disqualifying. She is also out there on the far edge of the election, stop the steal people, and that's not electable position either in the United States. As we're about to see in Georgia next week, when governor Kemp handily wins his primary and David perdue, you can't run as an election denier. It doesn't work. And even if you believe it's sincerely and many people do, it's death in the general people don't want to relitigate 2020. They're concerned about what do you know, inflation and drugs. Inflation, of course, stated it's 40 year high. They expected it to drop to 8% year over year. It only dropped from 8.5 to 8.3%. And we already know that maze number is going to be higher than 8.3%. Joe Biden, speech, of course, did nothing. Wall Street Journal inflation slipped in April, but upward pressures remain..

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