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Music but also just seem to have seen here their their their cooler than most people. They see their better dressed than most people is still better dressed normal shed. And it's like I was like it made you feel like you could be a part of run DMC. It made you feel like if you tried. You might actually you. Might you could probably do that like yeah. I could probably put on that hat and and where that cool Jean Jacket and and those sneakers I like no way they ended up actually just Talked to DMC recently in an interview like this. And so ms he's great and he was telling me the wave it. They ended up dressing like that was. Because that's the way Jay jam master Jay dressed in real life. Yeah I heard. They saw him. And it's like he's the coolest guy we know him with infected us to you know what I mean and and this many years later but I it's always something I keep meets because I feel like that's how I want people who listen to our music to feel. I want them to feel not like were that. They are gazing at. Something untouchable that that they're to the hero. Two guys telling you about About the you know their lives that you couldn't possibly imagine being a part of I like the fact that Kids come you know. Hope that kids can kind of feel like man. We could be run the jewels. What I mean like these guys aren't flashy like these guys are. They're not above us. You know So I don't know that always stuck in and that just got me into it. That was guy me into thinking. I could be a rapper. You know like Oh shit. Maybe I can be a rapper. I mean I was rapping a ten so this is me at ABC. Drug a pair of adidas shells without the lace. That's great that's an amazing. It's oaks incredible my dad. My Dad got his future. No Louis No shoelaces now as a child. You're not thinking maybe I should walk. I might have to be able to walk. We'll be back with more from run. The jewels after the break hiring used to be multiple job sites. Stacks Resumes Confusing Review Process. 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I think works for the city or something. Now and people still showing love but Mojo again was like my mother style stuff. I mean the shit that he Was still more motorcycles. Rahim Dreams Dj Do they tell someone else? So then you get robbed. Environmental know any of these. I got you coming here then. You Got Shoddy. Who was a kid who was from Queens or the Bronx? I think he might have been Lebron's move down south he was on Luke records. Id Shot Yes S. H. Y. Yeah exactly so. Dj who later discovered again Ti and create a trap music was his DJ so took like fifteen sixteen years old after that. You got a guy named Sammy Sam. Who has a record calzone three? That's the May it's like school. It's hard core describes Atlanta INTECH. Went home glanced into that right now. Do you mind because I don't know it and I'd love to have let me just put up trying to find him a youtube to Sam e. It is yet it man the trying to record. This is the Hitman when I'm looking for who you plug it in. This is Sam Hitman. This dis dis and the records almost gotta just ice like what years this eighty eight? I came of credit. You got to be good and the COP by the grabbers. Stand back in the.

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