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And. See if we talked a little more football. Is. Way To get hold of me at Middlekauff, my instagram, DM's wide open. You can slide up in there and. And Yeah ask any question you want. What's up my ball? Brethren loved the show, and I've been listening since your first one, but you said Mahomes didn't actually have the top and best arm in the league. I said he didn't maybe throw the fastest. He might have the best overall arm. He makes it. Look so easy, but. Yeah also in the draft coverage. They had this thing when he was seventeen at a county. Fair I believe he had a radar on his pitch, and it was ninety seven miles an hour, and then in college through and ninety six. He throws absolute lasers, and that's a lot of tweets for guy talking about in practice being ready for. I was born raised still living Casey, but if you look into it, I think you'll find his thoroughbred and one of the best arms out there. I am not disputing. Mahomes has an elite arm. That is not my argument at all I'm just saying that if you put if we did the pitcher thing and I know a lot of people have dm about the pitcher now. I thought it was cool again. This is I am I. I don't have tangible information I've just. Been Watching, these guys throw footballs had a front row seat. You know now for over a decade in psyching gauge arm strength mahomes. Can throw it as far as anybody and I think when he steps into a ball can throw it equivalent on a baseball pitch like ninety six, ninety seven I would say Josh, Allen, and maybe even Wentz may hit like ninety nine now. I'm not saying those guys better. Mahomes Muhoza. Best quarterback in the League. H- you'd be the one guy I would take over every single player I. would imagine everyone listening probably agrees me unless you like Seattle Seahawk Fan. But I wouldn't say like just standing there I think throws it slightly harder again I'm nitpicking I was terrible at baseball I couldn't keep my front foot. I it never step forward. I always stepped away scared of the baseball I. Don't know it was just a bad instinct. I I was not any good at. That pitcher to throw. But. I've been told met some baseball players over my day just when I worked in radio used to be able to have a lot of access to the as and the giants, those interviewed a bunch of them on television or I mean on radio we had our guests were players on the team and they all tell you that and I'm sure some you guys listening played college baseball the it's really hard to tell the difference between ninety seven, ninety nine. It's basically just fast af it's hall ass now there's a big difference. We Ninety seven and ninety two, but I think once you get like ninety eight, ninety nine like heat waves coming where I live. Now? I was talking to a lot of people this weekend. I don't know if there's that big a difference between like one or two and one ten I'll tell you what one or two is hottest. Hell I'll tell you. What one hundred ten is hot as hell, a little hotter than one or two. Anything over one hundred. You know on the West Coast where it's dry. Heat is really really hot now. There's a big difference between eighty eight and one hundred, but I don't know if there's that big a difference between three and one eight just like I. Don't know if there's that big a difference between mahomes and Josh, Allen. SAN and they're throwing football. I would just give the slight edge. To Josh Allen. Love the pilots in every episode appreciate if you had the power to pick any player in the league in void their contract, so they could hit the open market. Who would it be and why? I, personally cowboys fan, but I'd love to have it be Stafford. Set Him free from that dumpster fire. That isn't lines. That's I didn't quite see where you're going there. I don't hate that one at all. If I can retroactively go back I would go. Matt Stafford like four or five years ago when he was I think when he was drafted, it was like twenty twenty one years old. He's been a league now. We drafted Oh eight. Twelve years. He's probably thirty to thirty three years old if you got him. You know at twenty six twenty seven because I. Think sometimes when you hit his age now you developed some bad habits now. He's still highly skilled. And I'm still a big believer in Matt. Stafford hear sirens in the background. It's never great thing at. Six o'clock and. Got This is weird times, but yeah I. I would say Matt Stafford like five or six go if I had to go right now. It is have to pick. I would say like Chandler Jones. I think the cardinals are not going to be very good. Their defense is atrocious. If you put Chandler Jones team that was like on the Seattle seahawks. Wore on the New England patriots I know he was on the new agers, but like the version of him now. The Pittsburgh steelers the Green Bay packers a team that was competing. Go the playoffs. Playing, on national television, a lot I think we talk about him like Khalil Mack because his watching a lot of NFC west Taylor. Jones is easily one of the best players in the league, but when you play for the cardinals, and your team's been really crappy last handful years, no one's really paying attention beside like die hard nfl nuts to defense pass rushers because they're not in the fantasy mix right. You're not drafting a defensive end in fantasy. You draft defenses. You're never drafting the cardinals defense. So I think he'd be a guy for sure. Huge Fan in the pod just wanted to know how you feel about the NFL going to two preseason games in adding the seventeenth game in the extra playoff team. If that would work better than what we have now also. What do you think of the Carolina? Panthers in the team? Thanks keep it up well. Matt rules clearly a really impressive guy. I. Don't think the roster is very good. They do have some offensive weapons. Christian McCaffrey A. we'll see other kids name more DJ more. He could fly. Obviously, the scientist bridgewater it might actually be. They signed Robbie Anderson from from the jets who played for rule at Temple. Who can really run? They got some elite speed is they're going to be good enough Keith. He's gone. You, know obviously. Thomas Davis Long Gone you take. No I think they could be one of the worst teams in the league, but if you believe in Matt Rule Big Picture. Kind of churn the roster. Get his guys in there. They could be good in a couple of years specially Tampa. Bay's all in right now. The saints are kind of all in right now. Maybe in a couple of years as those rosters turn over, you can take advantage..

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