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Genie? Would you ever wear Keeney? I don't even know. No, no, come on. No, no. Did. I mean, I think I did once in my life. I've thought of getting some higher rise swim trunks myself because first of all if you if you have a man in your life and his swimtrunks go past his knee. You've got to help them out. It's an untailored look sloppy. It is not nineteen Ninety-six anymore. Take that Billabong shirt off. It's gotta be above the knee. But then there are some who come mid thigh. I would kind of like that. But that's fine, MS. But it's tough if you if you squat if you sit down rides up on you need it to be loose material. I need there to be netting. These guys who are out there willy nilly in board shorts. Just a piece of velcro. And then no netting. I didn't know they made them with no netting of shorts exclusively Termez short seizure. Like what surfers where a lot and it's got a velcro fly. Okay. So you velcro dot shut. And then there's no netting. So you're just hanging out down there where it'd be comfortable because there's a theme that the crotch is like. Bush. Okay. Preaching to the choir. Here. I get I get some elsewhere. Did you know? This is really bizarre study about where people go on. I as now we're talking about chain restaurants franchised, restaurants. I was shocked to find out after the number one on the list was Starbucks people go to Starbucks.

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