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When I see my mom wants me to go to the school and my dad would relieve him because it was on the way to work. He dropped me off all. Yeah yes so. You'd like to be a priest. Oh Wow so. We did three years of that and it was a good upbringing and I learned a lot and there were some terrific people there at that school sent between fifty eight and seventy eight saint pious had all boys. They're and they're five thousand one through their guests. How many became priests to five thousand? Four hundred two two people to people so it was just the school is just as well it was it was an experience you know. I so I was pretty. You Know Pretty Catholic. You believe believe in I believe in the cosmic engineer. I believe I didn't buy a lot of the WHO G Buji but I think that the words of the Christ and the lesson. Who's you know could be your? There's some who g Buji going along of who she bucci. I think my question though when I was thinking about you coming over was that I realized that if you have the foundation of believing the ability to suspend your disbelief and believe in God and any point in time in your life it kind of makes you vulnerable to believe in just about fucking anything. Well here's the thing people do believe in anything. Catholics believe in the Virgin Mary. The Mormons believe in the Angel Moroni and the golden plates in the magic spectacles the scientists andrew where they believe him yes and they believe Scientology believe in Zanu the Super God and you know the hint the in the religion. There's a belief Vishnu. So what my approach to it now is. Okay believe yeah you want. I am not here to question what you believe. If you believe that there was a zinger up in the sky that hit the Virgin Mary and caused Christ into the world. And I say I I'M A fan of Christ I'm Young Zinger. Zinger was true. Then you believe in that fine I. It's it's up to people to have their own beliefs and not for me to question and and really not for me to be questioned on my belief as a spiritualist. I'm spiritualist is old. That's an old title spiritual wealth comes from basically. The eighteen hundred sophy was at a Boulevard. Ski Thing that was. Yeah definitely was a part of that. Yeah absolutely it's more of A. It's a belief that not only does the energy of the sole surviving the consciousness survives after surrounded via many conscious. I think so. I think there was an old I got You my dad's book here. History of ghosts was sort of interesting to me that you come from this. It's decades centuries of it is Since really my great grandfather Sam was a dentist and he started exploring the stuff in the twenty s and the book here talks about a guy named Arthur findlay and he was a medium in England and he was very good at it. He brought channel for many. Many entities needs to theater and to be sitting in the theater. Just try to watch a movie and then all these voices would come from where he'd been channeling and the people around would go up. Shut up man. He brought the entities with him. Very funny.

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