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Sure going ahead are you doing to my my brother from above I am always great Keith what's on your mind well you've been talking about straight from high school to the pros and I got in a little late so I'm not sure you said his name but I grew up in the sixties and seventies and never man named chocolate thunder Darryl Dawkins who came out of high school and toward the NBA up at his position at that time was pretty much like a small shack yes god bless god bless the what what was the the shaken thunder rattling you know when it a minute his son will make in baby rain Makin backboard breaking from planet Voltron love Sean chocolate thunder absolutely yeah Nagy port Rick and he broke the backboard but on the other topic I thank god will hold on keep hold on Keith I appreciate your call and not you know and this is something that a lot of people want to call and tell me about Moses Malone but I wanted to fast forward through an era where it was it's been if you had a stretch okay we can talk about Darryl Dawkins we could talk about Moses Malone that was in the seventies you know we don't have anybody coming out in the eighties it wasn't until ninety five one cagey was selected that the floodgates pretty much opened up and it was acceptable so that was the only that was the only cabbie out in what I said I was talking about not the pros but guys who went straight from high school into the N. B. A. and in N. out hours operation if you're talking about chocolate thunder but I I think there was a whole bunch of guys who are better than chocolate thunder well yes but I I totally agree with everything you say I just had to get his name in there because of his name but also photos of the point the best part of Michael Jordan the broad you know I used to listen to people debate about it but I felt a bit like this when you have people like magic Larry and even player nowadays tell you M. Jerry is the go what what more recognition your name I mean the greatest of all time or call him the greatest of all time so well I think that's a matter of listen I like MJ over lebron James that's me personally I can sit here for an hour and talk about it I'm not it's it's not something I can do and I have done it I'm not going to do it towards the end of the show maybe we save that for tomorrow again but you know what it's a matter of generation because for what you just said we're gonna have a generation of players who have watched lebron James and they will also be great players and they will say lebron is the greatest so I if I cannot go to never quit you had a caller talk about the Dream Team and everybody that was on the Dream Team which are you diminish your challenges Michael it was over that term came out and everybody knew what was gonna happen and I did it is that time for infinite I think you can do that today I think you're gonna dig it twenty thirty forty years ago I think he would be able to and and I don't know if you guys are aware of this the interview that coach Williams did nobody knows how much of an athlete he was four three eight all my that yeah Keating you don't listen keep you all got it you don't got to convince me I I'm I'm G. all the way I appreciate your call up from some sake are you be blessed you as well thank you Keith from Tucson Arizona let's go to north Carolina okay let's talk to Rodney Rodney your CBS sports radio's the general support re shows on your mind J. R. during the show everything thank you I would I would just talk about I would think about my patch of coming out of high school I heard Jermaine o'neal he learned J. G. era cold you're not hurt where on earth Martin goal I am a fifty three year old murder mystery Jordan every day we brought our lebron every gamer bro are they gonna before a look won't be I'm biased towards that because I played a little ball and apart from original I'm confident with the ball but I'm a big part of his daily air Jordan we might win but I might not be part of the game Walmart but when people compare it to football so great you hear it all the mayor would use it there's a preference all right I like I like the ball better are considered him a goal because I look at his whole all the feel of maritime academy burger and I'm not become part of the Maryland area I just don't go with the ball but I do care UK although we we with Jordan's Hussein Jordan at the great out I'm not really the ultimate because it is really not all we need is just basically who you prefer okay the third ball so right and as far as their quarterback situation I think I think they're gonna go overall a little portion all he'll come in here and because of his prior history with I think you don't have to get in the weight room to get some more Scrivener it will all battle in America I think hope it might get more opportunity all our power our start all sixteen through March it was your first thought also they don't the dollar you got there the pilot for Star also you've got to get my shot a little bit a little bit of rough stuff you're gonna learn and then on the field so okay it might be hope in America okay we lost your mind will be real cautious will only happen to be rowdy in appreciate your call not from North Carolina no doubt about that Ronnie dropping the gems and you know that that's that's also another reason and thank you for bringing it up right knee when you think about what lebron is done in his career where he was drafted the expectations that he's had in him you don't hear a damn peep about lebron in in in this nothing negative what are you going to say okay he made a decision that's the that's the biggest misstep that lebron has had in his career I think it's amazing the career that he sat and kudos to him and his family I know it has not it has not been easy when you want to go ahead and look at the rumor mill and there's a whole bunch of things but I mean if you want to be an athlete have a hell of a career that lebron has been an anomaly he's amazing let's talk to Brandon colon up from Anderson South Carolina Brandon your CBS sports radio so general support be sure go ahead Hey man are you doing tonight I'm so we'll think what do you think about man I had a quick quick little comment well I was listening to show last night a bunch of people calling in about cam Newton and where they thought he might land and I was just gonna throw a little team out there and see what you tell Sean this this division has got a lot IPV this offseason at the what if he's if he's really mad at Carolina or to go to Atlanta and take it takes a little year United behind Matt Ryan it kind of takes over for the falcons Ryan yeah I don't I don't see that as something that's that's unnecessary from the the falcons standpoint I can understand trust me there's a lot of people from Georgia there's a lot of people in Atlanta who want to bring him home we went to Westlake high school in Atlanta you know but you paying Matt Ryan this money you have a coach Dan Quinn who is basically was playing for his job or his is the year to plan for job or coaching for his job last year along with Dimitroff and I don't think they're going to take a risk why are they gonna rock the boat and bring in a cam why would Kim want to sit behind Ryan four year I just don't see that as something that the falcons would want to do I think that's a little bit too much boat rocking when they want to have some stability and then try to win some games and continue what they were doing towards the end of last year it's going to be tough enough forty playing in a division with the saints and then also the Buccaneers no need to rock the boat I was there to say and there is a slowdown it is sure that we find I was just thinking you know maybe if he became a phase in the division is already played those things several times I don't have a whole lot of cap space and all that so well I mean even the backup job it was the only game for you yeah but sure I mean but even when you when you when you count that in and thank you for calling up Brandon I I told you eight you don't want to rock the boat and then you know why you gonna bring him in as a back up on the mat Ryan he doesn't have a long injury history is cam Newton so I don't I mean that's just that's just one big six foot five monstrosity of a distraction there in cam Newton that's an unnecessary distraction if you someone like Dan Quinn you wanna just win games sent out all your first round draft picks that that our our offense of stars and hope that they're healthy enough to go to work I think that's what it boils down to camp in Atlanta would be amazing I just don't see it happen unless there's some super disaster but you know what it's time for me to get ready to roll out I'm rolling out some of the most interesting stories in sports to me some of the biggest sports stories of the day it's time for the rollout with G. R. sport brief a couple of things that you need to know before I get out of here okay listen I know won't quarantine.

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