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Coverage on cable news radio screaming free of charge and I are radio comes your way at three that sports and reading crystalline Caitlin his radio on the Rockets. Iraqis News Radio time is 5 16 are Top stories kayaker found dead at Cherry Creek State Park over the weekend has been identified as 26 year old Christopher Carmen of Aurora. His body was pulled from the water Sunday night after crews were called out around mid day. There were reports of a person going under the water and not resurfacing. Witnesses say Carmen was not wearing a life vest when the kayak likely capsized, made gusty winds and choppy water. A man is facing felony charges in Park County after campfire turned into a wildfire burned about 45 acres. That fire happened Saturday near County Road. 56 Forest Service Road a 13. It's about five miles east to Jefferson. The Park County Sheriff's office charged Philip Reicher with intentionally setting the wildfire and second trigger degree arson, as well as two misdemeanor charges. We know it and we love it. But Denver once again near the top of the list for popular places to move to the city, came in at number three in the 11th annual report from Penske Truck rental Las Vegas number one, followed by Phoenix in the second slot. AUSTIN Atlanta rounded out the top five Denver's made the list for 11 straight years. State Health Department is confirming that a case of the Brazilian burying of covert 19 has been discovered in El Paso County, the P one version of the virus reported last week. El Paso County Public Health says they're likely other cases of that variance circulating in the area but just have not been counted. Varian is thought to be highly contagious and could reinfect those who have already had cases of coronavirus Pueblo Police are bringing the Corona virus vaccine to the homeless population there. Police Sergeant Frank Ortega says officers want to make sure everybody, including the homeless have the chance to get the shot. They really don't have access to go to the sites where they're offering the vaccines. Notes. There are plenty of people who were already inoculated against the virus and expects the department to go back out in the future and bring covert vaccines to the homeless. President Biden urging hesitant Americans to get vaccinated. Now the end of the summer will be in a very different position. We are now During an appearance in Southern Virginia, the president arguing vaccination levels must continue to growth to ensure herd immunity. Pharmacy chain CVS and Walgreens may be responsible for wasting thousands of doses of the vaccines. The two chains combined, let nearly 130,000 vaccine doses go to waste. As of late March, There was a total of 182,000 wasted doses, meaning the two chains seem to allow more doses. Go on use that all states and federal agencies combined. Angry doesn't have NBC news radio. Ensured. They say that was in the early days of the pandemic. They were getting to the nursing homes. And so I guess they probably had more supply than they did demand based on the basis of the nursing homes and didn't have probably quite the right amount of storage for one of those issues. That's what they're saying. Just been a problem since the beginning for some of these places, hence why the JJ was a big deal. When that came out, you'd have to start those those temperatures coming up here in Colorado's morning news. We are looking at the latest mask mandates and the continued effort to get people vaccinated for covert here in the state will check in with the professionals at Denver Health next Right now that Dr John Morrissey very certain downtown night. 25 looks good. You're I 70 drive to 79 76 in Commerce City in great shape, and that 2 to 5 driving Aurora,.

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